Raffaele Riva: Building International Success Through Diverse Investments and Ventures

Raffaele Riva

Raffaele Riva is a passionate businessman who credits his habit of positive thinking, reading “everything,” and remaining “curious to learn in every circumstance” for his success in international business. With holdings in various niches, particularly in the areas of trust real estate, wealth and estate planning, wealth and asset management, international business, and related niches in the finance industry, Riva has ensured his professional success by putting his clients first, and focusing on the client experience as the central point of doing business.

As founder and president of AUREA Multi Family Office, a parent company with several offshoots, Riva has founded successful subsidiary companies such as Milano Fiduciaria, Aurea Consulenti Associati SA, Aurea Gestioni Patrimoniali, SABGB AUREA Ltd., and others. He also maintains active participation in the daily operations of these companies, which focus primarily on provision of wealth and asset management services, as well as accounting, auditing and other financial services. Riva attributes the success of these ventures to a focus on client satisfaction and building good working relationships.

“Providing value in the lives of your clients has been always extremely important for my long-term business success,” explains Riva. “When you wake up each morning asking for more ways to better serve and satisfy your clients, you will dramatically boost your business. Always think in terms of serving, and even if your client was the one who was wrong, take the initiative to fix things and correct them immediately: it will provide value in their life.” This approach has ensured the success of Riva’s various business endeavors and the loyalty of his clients and business partners in all of his ventures.

This Renaissance Man also chooses his business associates wisely, focusing on partners that emphasize solutions over problems, and not taking on too much at any one time, a lesson he learned from mistakes made earlier in his career. “I let [the] growth [of] my business exceed my own ability to manage it,” he admits in a recent interview. “I committed to too many opportunities and projects with too many business partners. Some of them proved to be the wrong choice, and the rapid growth was like a cancer. I overcame it by understanding that ‘I don’t do it’ is completely different than ‘I cannot do it’ and I came back to my healthy growth by saying ‘no more’.”

This ability to learn from his own life experiences is also what guides Riva to make smart business decisions, always pursuing his own professional goals while providing top quality service to clients, partners, and everyone he does business with.

Riva’s affiliation with various top-tier professional associations also gives him access to a wealth of contacts and opportunities for growth in various sectors. As an active member of the Register of Legal Auditors in Rome, the Register of Chartered Accountants in Milano, the Italian Association of Anti-Money Laundering Officers, the Associazione Il Trust in Italia, and several other professional associations, Riva stays connected to key thinkers and mentors in various fields.

Through his avid reading habit, Riva stays abreast of what’s going on in the world and remains open to exploring expanding opportunities and ventures in new niches, as long as these opportunities center his own priorities and values. In fact, he cautions against putting the priorities of others before your own. “It is one thing to be helpful and support those around you when they need it; it’s another to constantly put everyone else’s priorities ahead of your own,” he warns. Because only by ensuring his own success and personal satisfaction can he expect to share the formula for success with his subsidiaries, partners, and clients.

Thanks to his background in diverse businesses, Riva brings a wealth of experience to his business ventures at AUREA. He became highly experienced in the fields of wealth management, corporate financing, corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, estate planning, and international cross-border activities through his involvement in companies he founded between 1997 and 2008.

Prior to this, as Senior Executive of a multinational conglomerate, he developed a keen understanding of international business issues and logistics, which served him well as a board member at several subsidiary companies in Europe, Canada, Central and South America, and South Africa. His experience as an accounting and auditing specialist for a “Big 4” firm in Milan and Manchester also provided valuable on-site education in the area of international business.

Riva attended Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, graduating with honors in 1987, and earning an Economics Degree with specialized emphasis on accounting, banking law, corporate financing, mergers and acquisitions, tax law, and related areas. In 1989, he earned a Dottore Commercialista degree from the same university, and in 1997, completed a post-graduate program in SSQUEA at the Canton Ticino Management Business School. A year later he completed an additional post-graduate program in SUPSI at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland.

A Swiss and Italian citizen, Riva maintains language fluency in English, French, and Italian. Among his personal interests, he collects modern and contemporary art, and is a Benefactor Member of the Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana. He is a knowledgeable wine connoisseur, as well as an active member of the elite London Reform Club and the Monaco Yacht Club. In addition to his commitment to supporting arts and culture, Riva enjoys boating, skiing, classic cars, equestrian sports, and scuba diving.

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