Cardinal Innovations Healthcare

Cardinal Innovations is a mental and behavioral healthcare company. They began eleven years ago to help those who are dependent on Medicaid, access support and services in their communities, and those who may not carry any healthcare insurance. Cardinal Innovations uses a managed care plan for those who need it all through the state of North Carolina. The mental and emotional welfare of their members is their main concern and business.

More services are much for accessible to more people by using the managed care method. This plan is cost-effective for both the taxpayers and the state. Cardinal Innovations focuses on the improvement of wellness and health of both the members and their families in the state. This plan gives each person a choice and a voice in the type of care that they require and want.

The goal of Cardinal is center on each person. The teams within Cardinal Innovations have the ability to help follow and find personalized care plans for each person. Cardinal has an NCQA-accredited plan that meets the qualifications for employees, members and regulation. This has led them to be the biggest service array in North Carolina.

Cardinal boasts the strength of the members, the hard work of their employees, and also the compassion of the providers. They lead in an attitude of caring and expertise in the health of their members and are always dedicated to meet their personal needs.

The core values of the mission of Cardinal Innovations include Integrity, courage, compassion, accountability and pioneering. Respect and inclusion also contribute to the success and healing of their members. This is accomplished by employees who have diverse experience and backgrounds.

The future of Cardinal focuses on the inspiration, courage and strength of their members. This lets them obtain excellent care for each member each day.

Cardinal Innovations was founded to help people recover from any substance abuse problems, suicide crises, mental health issues, serious brain injuries, PTSD issues, housing and homelessness, education problems, diversity issues and many others. Their methods of help include using peer support specialist training, arts and activities, family therapy, planning and life skills help, support groups, advisory groups, medications, peer support, community support meetings and many other advantageous processes.

A brand new collaboration that just began in June 2019 is called Care for NC. This method is a combination of seven of local managed care organizations/management entities, the NC Providers Council and Benchmarks. This Care For NC is created to provide high-end I/DD and behavioral care to all those who need it in North Carolina, and that includes all of the 100 counties in the state.

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