Making Real Global Change for Children with Jeunesse Kids

Making Real Global Change for Children with Jeunesse Kids

Jeunesse Global – who we’ve written about here – was founded in 2009 by the visionary husband and wife team of Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. From the very beginning, they set out to help humanity by empowering people to feel better and to recognize their personal potential. They have developed and distributed health and wellness products in six continents over the past decade, introducing people to high-quality products, regardless of their culture, background, or economic levels. To further their desire for more impactful philanthropy, the duo founded Jeunesse Kids®.

Involving several sustainable projects across the world, this humanitarian effort supports programs at the local level in globe-spanning countries. The founders wanted to bring long-lasting, sustainable charity to the millions of youth who suffer because of extreme poverty. Many of these underprivileged children are just the latest generation of families who have always had to struggle, and have no access to quality healthcare, drinking water, educational resources, basic food, and opportunities for a brighter future.

Wendy and Ray realized that without a hand up and a way out, the cycle of destitution and hopelessness would continue. Jeunesse Kids was started to aid in their heartfelt mission. This nonprofit foundation has helped countless children realize and reach their fullest potentials. There are far too many triumphs to list, but the information here provides a quick snapshot of some of the organization’s more recent accomplishments.

Committed to the Cause

With a vision for social responsibility at the heart of this nonprofit foundation which has been committed to helping communities across the world. The organization aims at giving children hope and new opportunities to develop, flourish, and envision the boundless possibilities of their own futures. Working toward this goal, Jeunesse Kids helps to meet the basic needs of children by making healthcare, shelter, education, and food available. They also assist with intervention efforts and emergency housing for maltreated, neglected, and abused kids.

Members of the Jeunesse Family, or Jeunesse Kids Champions, have worked very hard in partnering with local leaders as well as organizations such as WE Charity to bring about change. They have helped promote stable, flourishing communities across the world, empowering people with dignity in order to adequately support themselves and their families. They have made tremendous strides in the villages they have adopted, namely in Los Rios, Ecuador; Dao Lazui, China; Kalinjar, India; and Irkaat, Kenya.

Jeunesse Kids Champions have provided permanent holistic solutions by focusing on sustainable development initiatives such as:

  • Making life-altering cancer treatments available to kids and their families
  • Providing education and clean water
  • Funding rehabilitation services for disabled youth
  • Supporting programs to increase food security
  • Training people on proper health and hygiene
  • Providing economic opportunities

Just Since 2017 Alone

  • One of the classrooms built in the rural Indian village of Kalinjar was showcased in a nationally televised news feature on educational transformation. Less than a year since it was built in the summer of 2018, the classrooms are already having a positive effect on the villagers. Before the Kalinjar village was adopted by Jeunesse Kids and WE Charity, many of the youth (and a majority of the entire community) were illiterate and therefore had few opportunities other than becoming victims of child labor and/or slavery. The classrooms are flourishing and are significantly transforming the current and future lives of people.
  • Jeunesse Kids donated roughly $33,000 for the Foundation for the Seminole Public Schools’ supply drive in August 2019. The Foundation can now buy necessary school supplies to give their students the tools for learning.
  • “Bringing Hope to Kenya” was held over the summer and was described as “life-changing” by some participants. Also referred to as the “Mamas Walk”, this event gave Jeunesse Kids volunteers an eye-opening, first-hand look into the daily lives of “Mamas”. These Kenyan women make a one-mile journey by foot to reach the nearby river to collect suitable water before turning back toward their homes with barrels weighing approximately 50 pounds. As if that was not enough, they repeat this more than 5 times, each and every day.
  • This one-day event was enlightening enough to give participants a deep appreciation for having clean, easily accessible water in their own lives. It also demonstrated why Jeunesse Kids emphasizes the importance of having clean water solutions available when referring to village adoption.
  • In August 2019, the foundation donated funds and supplies to a preschool in the South Pacific island nation of Vanuatu. Members of the Jeunesse Family were on site to witness the smiling, laughing students who were overjoyed with the gift.
  • An ongoing initiative that was particularly successful over the past year, all proceeds from Rafiki bracelet sales go directly to Jeunesse Kids in support of their life-changing initiatives. Rafiki bracelets, named for the Swahili word for “friend”, are beaded pieces of jewelry handmade by women in Ecuador and Kenya. The supply and demand for these bracelets directly empower women and helps lift them out of poverty to provide their children with better futures.
  • 2019 marked the third straight year that Jeunesse employees participated in Red Nose Day, a campaign whose mission is to end childhood poverty through the funding of programs that keep youth safer, healthier, and properly educated. Red Nose Day is a fun-filled yet truly important cause that aims to bring awareness and raise funds to help kids in need.

Charity Found Within

Each year, the company launches a World Tour Expo with international stops to network with its large Jeunesse family of distributors. Following along the philanthropic mission of the company’s founders, these Jeunesse employees and attendees have reinforced this nonprofit by generously donating more than $1.5 million to the foundation. These astounding amounts have made a significant impact on the lives of the world’s children.

  • During the 2018 North America EXPO – USD $211,000 was donated to the Florida-based Kids Beating Cancer® organization. This shattered previous records and marked the highest amount ever donated at a North American Jeunesse Kids event.
  • During the 2018 Asia-Pacific & Africa Expo – USD $45,000 was donated to the Thailand Community Children Foundation, an organization responsible for various developmental projects for school children.
  • During the 2018 Europe & Middle East Expo – USD $30,000 was donated to the local Italian Andrea Bocelli Foundation, an organization helping with rebuilding a primary school damaged by an earthquake.
  • During the 2018 Latin America Expo – $500,000 was donated to the Brazilian AACD Hospital, a medical facility that cares for youthful patients.
  • During the 2018 LEAD event in Los Angeles, Jeunesse Kids proudly sponsored a ZENergize workout session with a celebrity fitness trainer and Brand Ambassador of the ZEN™ product line by Jeunesse. All donations collected at the workout session directly benefited Jeunesse Kids’ collaboration with Ronald McDonald House® Los Angeles. Although they had initially set a respectable $50,000 fundraising goal, they were astounded with the generosity of participants and ultimately gave over $128,000 to Ronald McDonald House to assist them in renovating a medical unit for treating pediatric immune-compromised patients.

Philanthropy at Its Finest

Founded with the primary goal of improving and saving children’s lives, Jeunesse Kids has been successfully leading several projects to help humanity in every corner of the earth. The founders started the nonprofit organization through a heartfelt desire to give sustainable charity to countless numbers of children internationally who suffer daily due to poverty. Many underprivileged kids have no access to basic food and shelter, medical care, clean water, and educational resources for a more promising future. Jeunesse Kids is a philanthropic force to be reckoned with as it pushes full steam ahead in its support of local programs to give youth the chance for a brighter tomorrow.

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