All Eyes on Milan: Jeunesse Global EXPO 2019 World Tour Stops NEXT in Europe

All Eyes on Milan: Jeunesse Global EXPO 2019 World Tour Stops NEXT in Europe

Jeunesse Global is gearing up for the upcoming European stop of their annual EXPO World Tour in Milan, Italy. The company looks to continue riding high on the success of their recent multi-day events in Orlando, Florida (North America) and Singapore (Asia-Pacific & Africa). The Italian festivities, representing the company’s Europe & Middle East Region, are slated to take place at the renowned Mediolanum Forum from Friday, 18 October through Sunday, 20 October.


In November, the 2019 EXPO World Tour will make its NEXT and final stop in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Latin America & South America). Both Italy and Brazil present tremendous opportunities for ambitious individuals across the globe to learn how to take the steps needed to reach the NEXT level of success in all areas of their lives. Since each of the remaining EXPO10 locales will celebrate the company’s tenth anniversary in business, all attendees are in store for particularly festive daily agendas.


EXPOnential Growth Ahead


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Evident by the overwhelming praise received from the Orlando and Singapore audiences, the 2019 events in Milan and Rio de Janeiro are poised for success. Milan, Italy is the “Fashion Capital of the World” and will serve as a glamorous backdrop to the 2019 occasion. While Jeunesse Global employees and distributors are empowered with useful tips and strategies for surpassing professional and personal goals, they will also be delighted as corporate executives showcase some of the past decade’s long list of astounding company achievements.


Among these accomplishments is the company’s quick, yet sustained rise as one of the most successful leaders in direct selling. Jeunesse Global has broken industry records, earned international acclaim, won numerous awards and been featured consistently among the top tier of contenders on Direct Selling News’ DSN Global 100 List. Jeunesse has impressively maintained its status as a stand-out pioneer in the crowded fields of beauty, health and wellness.


Orlando and Singapore have already given top company leaders an international platform for supporting future and current members of the Jeunesse family. With the primary goal of helping each of them reach their NEXT tier of success, leaders have offered effective and innovative marketing strategies. While distributors have learned some of the newest and proven methods for exceeding sales expectations and growing their base of customers, they have also gained first-hand exposure and knowledge as Jeunesse reveals some of their newest products at EXPO10.


Audience members in both the North America Region and Asia-Pacific & Africa Region have applauded Jeunesse coordinators for developing thoughtful, well-planned daily agendas with an appreciated balance of educational, celebratory and networking activities. Top corporate executives have been honored to recognize the efforts of their distributors while sharing their individual knowledge with the crowd. While learning and celebrating are key elements of EXPO10, ticket holders in Milan and Rio de Janeiro can expect to network with like-minded achievers and gain international exposure to peers on a large scale.


Takeaways from Orlando and Singapore

New and seasoned members of the Jeunesse family have already sounded off on some of their key takeaways from this year’s events.


North America EXPO10 ran from 5th-8th September 2019 at the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) in Orlando, Florida while the Asia-Pacific & Africa EXPO10 ran from 19th-22th September 2019 at the Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore.


Some of the repeated themes from audience members in both cities have included:


  • ENLIGHTENING – Audience members enjoy being among the first to be introduced to the newest products and marketing strategies to drive business growth.
  • ENERGIZING – Attendees leave feeling energized and reinvigorated to start the NEXT phase of their success with the knowledge they gained regarding the newest business-building methods available.
  • EDUCATIONAL – Numerous Master Classes and learning sessions have provided in-depth educational opportunities on Jeunesse Global’s most advanced marketing tools and personal growth tips.
  • EXCITING – Festive celebrations, networking dinners, award ceremonies and exhilarating presentations leave attendees feeling electrified.


Attendees were particularly enlightened and empowered by the inclusive diversity that Jeunesse continues to embrace in its overall global company culture. Speakers from across the globe brought tremendous energy to the events and offered all in attendance the opportunity to gain exposure to diverse cultures. There was international representation throughout the activities and classes, many of which were offered in different languages such as Thai, Portuguese, English, Spanish, Chinese, and many others.


As Jeunesse Global continues to grow its international presence by expanding into new zones worldwide, distributors are afforded greater opportunities in untapped geographies. This continued expansion helps them reach audiences and offer Jeunesse Global’s high-quality products to more people.


Some of these superior products were the newly debuted MX2O™ black water item, now included in the North America Region’s Youth Enhancement System. Jeunesse product developers and marketers alike were instrumental in helping to bring the unique MX2O item to fruition. Other products were detailed, including


  • RevitaBlū™: Master Class – Live and Feel Young with Jeunesse Global: The Science Behind RevitaBlū™
  • NV™: How to Attract Customers with NV™
  • Zen™: How to Live, Share and Build the Zen™ Project 8 Global Health Movement
  • E.S.: Youth Enhancement System™ and all products within the collection are detailed


Jeunesse Kids™Showstopper

One of the most popular and highly anticipated attractions of every Jeunesse EXPO World Tour event is the presentation of their philanthropic endeavor, Jeunesse Kids™. This year’s Fund the Match Program for the Florida-based Kids Beating Cancer® organization far surpassed the initial $50,000 fundraising goal. Attendees generously donated more than $320,000 to the life-altering youth charity.


Over 60,000 people attended the international events during the 2018 EXPO THRIVE World Tour, and these generous audiences reinforced the charitable mission of Jeunesse by donating over $1 million to Jeunesse Kids™. The aim of this nonprofit is to improve the lives of youth everywhere by funding each market’s selected local charity initiatives. The 2018 donations have had a direct impact on global communities by providing children and their families with access to clean water, educational resources, and life-saving cancer treatments.


Learning to Make NEXT Year Even Better

A diverse range of informative classes, lessons, presentations and activities were offered on various topics such as:

  • Successful Networking & Marketing Skills
  • NEXT Level Goal Setting & Promotions
  • Jeunesse Loyalty Program: Customers are the Future
  • Joffice Basics
  • Recruiting in 2020
  • Financial Reward System
  • 90-Day Runs
  • Travel Promotion for 2020
  • Advanced Leadership Skills
  • Jeunesse Brand Experiences: Look Younger
  • Getting Started the Right Way
  • Basics of Business Building
  • Special Recognition/Honors


And the Award Goes To…

Each city has highlighted Jeunesse Global’s devotion to its employees. To continue fostering a sense of community and purpose, members of the company’s organizational family have been recognized and honored in a family-oriented environment. Examples of some of the select awards bestowed already include:


  • STAR PACER – For Regional Sapphire Executives
  • EXECUTIVE MAKER – For Regional Sapphire Executives
  • STAR MAKER – For Regional Ruby Directors and Emerald Executives
  • TOTAL RETAIL SALES – For Regional Sapphire Executives and Pearl Executives

Technology and Beyond

Jeunesse Technology Tools has been an insightful element of EXPO10 in both Singapore and Orlando. Detailed information on the latest technological advancements and tipis for using social media strategies were on full display to help distributors learn how to effectively drive their businesses. Trained experts demonstrated Jmobile and various digital experiences. Other technology discussed included:


  • Customer Loyalty Point System
  • New Customer App for both Android and iPhone users (found by searching the App/Play Store for “Shop Jeunesse”)
  • Simplified Website Navigation
  • Dashboard for “Getting Started”


Tickets are Still Available For Milan and Rio de Janeiro

The European & Middle Eastern EXPO10 will be held at the Mediolanum Forum venue in Milan, Italy, and will begin on Friday, 18 October 2019 and last through Sunday, 20 October 2019.


  • Section Early Bird: Only available to the first 1,000 purchasers, this exclusive section houses the premier venue seats.
  • Section Reserved: The NEXT 2,000 tickets (after the Early Bird Section has sold out) can be purchased for the venue’s Reserved Section seating.
  • Section General Seating: Remaining tickets can be purchased for the venue’s General Section seating.


The Latin America EXPO10 serves as the World Tour’s last international stop. At the Jeunesse Arena venue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the event will start on Friday, 8 November 2019 through 10 November 2019. Tickets for all venue seating are now available.


NEXT Up, Milan!

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Go-getters can purchase tickets for venues in Italy and Brazil to discover some of the newest strategies for pushing toward the NEXT phase of success. Jeunesse Global is celebrating a milestone in 2019 as they mark a decade of continued growth. EXPO10 will provide independent business owners globally with opportunities to achieve goals and earn profits.


In Milan and Rio de Janeiro, an impressive array of corporate leaders, high-ranking directors, brand ambassadors, scientific advisory board members, and many others will be available on-site to teach, welcome, and celebrate all attendees. While each international destination has a regionally-based agenda, all of the individual events share a common thread of providing useful information and celebrating the distributors and employees of Jeunesse Global.

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