Full Speed Ahead for EXPO World Tour 2019: Reach the NEXT Level of Success with Jeunesse

Full Speed Ahead for EXPO World Tour 2019: Reach the NEXT Level of Success with Jeunesse

Jeunesse Global is on their way to Singapore, the next stop of their 2019 EXPO NEXT World Tour. Tickets quickly sold out to the North American stop which kicked-off the annual expo event at the company headquarters on September 8, 2019, in Orlando, Florida.


People can still reserve a seat for coveted access to one of the remaining life-changing events in exciting Singapore; Milan, Italy; and/or Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. However, time is running out to reserve seats and ensure availability. Interested parties are urged not to wait until NEXT year to take part in this incredible opportunity to learn and celebrate the lifestyle that is Jeunesse Global.


The company was established as a direct selling platform in 2009 with a clear focus on promoting healthy living and youth enhancement globally. They have broken industry records with annual billion-dollar revenue figures, and they are continuing along this successful path full speed ahead with the 2019 World EXPO Tour.


Marking the company’s 10th anniversary, the EXPO10 World Tour not only takes a look back at what has made the business achieve such high success, but also takes a look forward to NEXT year with details on their approach to surpassing goals.


Not Just for the NEXT Generation

The company has continued to surpass goals with its astonishing year-over-year growth. They wrapped up 2018 with astounding and record-breaking global sales of more than $1.4 billion. Their continued success can be attributed to excellent executive leadership and an overall commitment to:

  • Distributors and Employees
  • Philanthropy and Charity
  • Quality Products

All three of these are highlighted during every event of the annual EXPO World Tour. Employees and distributors are celebrated and honored for their achievements while their philanthropic arm, Jeunesse Kids™ is showcased. In addition to brand new products and items being debuted, in-depth information is given on current product lines.


Distributors and Employees

One of the main reasons Jeunesse has been able to continue along their upward trajectory of success is due to their solid devotion to their employees. In 2019, Jeunesse Global was named as one of the top “Companies to Work For” by Direct Selling News (DSN), marking the third time they have received this honor. According to Scott Lewis, the Chief Visionary Officer, the top priority of the company is ensuring that all members of the Jeunesse family continue to be satisfied, feel valued, live a meaningful and balanced life, and be happy above all.


Their company’s culture can best be summarized by their tagline, “One team, one family, one Jeunesse.” With such an inclusive message, their concept of oneness has been central to everything they do in the field and within the corporate environment. The newest employees, the most seasoned distributors, and everyone in between all know that they are unified in working together toward achieving the highest levels of success with a clear purpose and vision. They strive to make their employees feel valued by offering superior support in their growth and skill development to empower them to be truly effective in their roles. Jeunesse Global’s emphasis on helping employees grow also allows them to feel like their ideas and thoughts are valued.


Each of the 2019 EXPO NEXT events offers exciting opportunities for all company distributors and employees. For new members, the annual tour marks fun and popular introduction to the Jeunesse family culture. For seasoned distributors, each tour stop provides a rewarding chance to re-engage with like-minded colleagues, learn about the newest marketing tools available, and be on the front line of learning about the company’s newest supplements and products before they hit the market.


Philanthropy and Charity

Since it was first launched, the annual World Tour Expo has been making international stops to network with a large family of employees and distributors. During last year’s EXPO9 THRIVE World Tour, over 62,000 people attended events in five international cities. They reinforced the philanthropic mission of the company by making over $1.57 million in donations to the Jeunesse Kids™ foundation.


This nonprofit’s aim is to save and improve children’s lives by funding local charity initiatives in each market. The generous donation amounts received during the EXPO9 events have already directly benefited the cause by helping communities provide children with access to life-saving pediatric cancer treatments, educational resources, clean water, rehabilitation opportunities for the disabled, along with numerous other services.


  • North America EXPO9: USD $211,000 in donations for the Florida-based Kids Beating Cancer® organization.
  • Asia-Pacific & Africa EXPO9: USD $45,000 in donations for the Thailand Community Children Foundation, an organization responsible for various developmental projects for school children.
  • Europe & Middle East EXPO9: USD $30,000 in donations for the local Italian Andrea Bocelli Foundation, an organization helping with rebuilding a primary school damaged by an earthquake.
  • Latin America EXPO9: R$500,000 in donations for the Brazilian AACD Hospital, a medical facility that cares for youthful patients.


Quality Products

Using scientific research and high-quality ingredients in developing their skin care products and supplements, Jeunesse places an emphasis on making sure every product they distribute worldwide reaches a certain standard. This commitment to developing superior formulations gives company distributors the confidence to sell these products on a worldwide scale.


Attendees as the EXPO Tour events are given exclusive looks at the newest products available from Jeunesse Global. Armed with the most up-to-date product knowledge available, distributors can effectively promote these never-before-seen items throughout their markets. Master Classes that detail all of the current items offered by the company are available during each multi-day event.


Sharing the NEXT Vision for Success

After a highly successful start in Orlando, Florida, the 2019 NEXT EXPO World Tour will be spanning three additional continents at the following scheduled stops:



For Asia-Pacific & Africa Region – 19th-22nd, September 2019

Venue: Singapore’s Resorts World Sentosa

Advance Tickets will be available until September 19, and On-Site Tickets will be available thereafter for the Early Bird, Reserved, and General Seating sections of the venue. The exclusive Early Bird seats are given to the first 1,500 ticket buyers, then the NEXT 1,000 purchasers will be seated in the Reserved Section, and remaining seats in the General Seating section will be distributed to people who wish to attend.



For Europe & Middle East Region – 18th-20th, October 2019

Venue: Milan, Italy’s Mediolanum Forum

The Early Bird Section is already Sold Out. However, Reserved Seating and General Seating tickets are still available for purchase, but you must act now to secure a spot. The NEXT 2,000 purchasers will be seated in the Reserved Section, and remaining seats in the General Seating section will be distributed to people who wish to attend.



For Latin America & South America Region – 8th-10th, November 2019

Venue: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s Jeunesse Arena

Tickets available for advance purchase now.


During each of these international locales, the company’s plans for how they plan to reach the NEXT level of success for 2020 will be conveyed. Top global business builders and corporate executives will share their newest and most proven tips and techniques for how audience members can be highly successful in reaching personal and professional objectives.


Unique networking opportunities will give all participants the chance to make brand new connections with diverse people representing various countries of the world. Individuals will be recognized for the outstanding contributions made to the Jeunesse family and their customers. The most innovative marketing materials will be on full display for attendees to see and learn about. Glamorous celebrations will be held to commemorate Jeunesse’s 10th anniversary.


Reserve Seats for the NEXT Stop

At each of the Singapore, Rio de Janeiro, and Milan EXPO10 events, top-level executives and corporate leaders will be sharing their knowledge and showcasing Jeunesse’s latest products and marketing tools with all attendees. The next stop in Singapore begins on 19 September 2019, so there is limited time left to get tickets.


As one of the most successful companies in the history of the direct selling industry, Jeunesse Global will continue on its impressive path of success through its devotion to employees, exceptional leadership, philanthropic mission, and proven methods for driving growth. To be a part of this, people are encouraged to reserve these coveted spots now to ensure availability of the best seating. EXPO NEXT will give you the tools necessary to achieve the highest levels of success NEXT year in 2020.


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