Amit Kleinberger: The Person Behind All The Smiles

One of the most famous frozen yogurt shops in the world, Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt focuses on spreading smiles to each and every customer that enters the doors. But who is the mastermind behind each of these smiles? That person is none other than Amit Kleinberger, the 33 year old who has been the CEO of the company since 2008.

Amit Kleinberger’s passion for his business started when he was in middle school and would sell party snacks, specifically during the holidays. Something that inspired him to follow his entrepreneurial dreams during this time was his love for the movie The Secret of my Success, which depicts the corporate aspect of New York City. Although Kleinberger grew up in Jerusalem, he would eventually begin and run one of the most successful businesses in America.

When Kleinberger turned 18, he joined the Israeli Defense Forces, where he served three years of active duty. One of his main motivations during this time was his desire to learn as much as he possibly could about leadership. After his service, he moved to Santa Monica, where the corporate dreams that he had possessed since childhood would finally take off. Although he enrolled in college for a time with the goal of becoming a lawyer, he started a cellphone equipment company on the side that soon found success and caused him to drop out of Santa Monica College.

Kleinberger eventually sold his cellphone equipment business and continued to own and sell businesses for the next several years. In 2008, however, he joined forces with a husband and wife who had opened Menchie’s in 2007. He took over the Encino office and quickly caused the company to grow into a wildly successful franchise with over 500 locations and a headquarters located in LA.

One of the most important concepts to Kleinberger is the focus that he places on franchises. He sees franchises as an essential element of the American economy and clearly this concept has granted him extreme success. Through his focus on expansion of Menchie’s as a franchise, Kleinberger has been responsible for the fact that there are now Menchie’s locations in over 20 countries.

With over 100 flavors and various toppings, Menchie’s is one of the most exciting frozen yogurt locations to visit. The happy staff, the vibrant colors, and the overall atmosphere give the stores a feeling that allows a customer to feel at home. When using the Menchie’s “Get Happy” app or even using the Menchie’s card for “Smileage” points, it is easy to see the care that Kleinberger has placed into the business and understand the person behind everyone’s smile.

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