Art Peck Knows How To Work With Data And Advertising And More

Art Peck is a businessman who attended college at Occidental College in Los Angeles and Harvard University. He has worked in many positions throughout his career from serving as the senior vice president of The Boston Consulting Group to CEO of Gap. He had spent fifteen years working in various positions in Gap and four of those years as the CEO before stepping down and allowing someone else to take over the position. He was thanked for the work that he did there and recognized for how he helped the company expand and prepare itself for the future.

Art Peck made a big impact on Gap during his years there and one of the boldest things that he did for it was to suggest making franchising available internationally. He also helped it make partnerships with other large companies, including Nike and Apple. He was involved with Gap when it and Old Navy decided to split and become two separate companies and he said that while they would start being competitors, they would still have many things in common as they shared the same values. He has always been about making a connection in the community and helping his company show people how much it cares.

Art Peck believes that data is very powerful and important for every business. He has been using data analytic capabilities to help run the business and says that he’s surprised by how few others talk about doing the same. He believes that knowing his customers is important and with the data he uses, he has helped his company know all about who their most valuable customers are and all of that. Art Peck helped Gap learn how to market to people in a way that is relevant to them and their needs so it would be wise about how it is spending all of its money on advertising.

Art Peck helped Gap move to social media advertising because he knew that it was important to reach people through it and that they could make a big impact by doing more focused and personalized advertising on it. He has also kept up with how people are shopping more online and helped his company meet customers’ needs with that. Art Peck resides in San Francisco, California with his wife and four children. He has worked for several big companies over the years and has also been self-employed.

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