Ben Melkman Burnishes His Reputation As The Next Superstar Hedge Fund Manager

Ben Melkman is a hedge fund manager in New York City. He is a graduate of the London School of Economics and Political Science where he graduated with his bachelor’s of science degree with honors. In January 2004, he joined Morgan Stanley in London, England, as executive director. In March 2009, he joined Brevan Howard in Geneva, Switzerland, as a portfolio manager and partner. He founded Light Sky Macro LP in August 2016 and is its chief investment officer.

While at Morgan Stanley, Ben Melkman was in charge of operations such as handling staff, managing money, and commenting in committees. At Brevan Howard, he focused on researching publicly traded firms. The way he researches companies, including his attention to detail, marked his style. This led to accurate forecasts and profitable investments.

He also tracked commercial markets around the world while working as a portfolio manager. A portfolio manager needs to stay abreast of any news that could affect their research and what equities and bonds they will select. News Ben Melkman especially kept up to date on included trade negotiations, political unrest, and social influences. He became highly skilled at blending information into a package that would accurately make predictions about what companies would experience gains or losses.

One of the niche markets that Ben Melkman specializes in is South America. Argentina has seen several years of financial stress and unrest. This included its government defaulting on their bonds twice. While most investors would be scared off by the situation in Argentina, he saw an opportunity. He had invested in Argentina’s bonds while working as a portfolio manager. This led to his fund’s 15% gain in one year.

Ben Melkman works with large investors at Light Sky Macro LP. As a CIO, it’s his job to collect data, sort it, and make sense of it to guide investment decisions. Two large investors, Steven Cohen and Dan Loeb in particular, helped him gather over $1.6 million in assets under management. In 2016, he had $500 million invested in his Argentina fund. This led to an annual return of 18%.

As of 2018, hedge funds like Light Sky Macro had about $3.2 trillion in assets under management. Most of the managers of these funds want to become a billionaire like George Soros did many years ago. Soros famously bet against the British pound. When it crashed, he made $1 billion due to his contrarian bet.

Ben Melkhman is expected to become another superstar hedge fund manager. Many people in the industry believe he has the knowledge and investment skills it takes to become another George Soros or John Paulson. This doesn’t mean his fund will make money every year but the future looks bright for him.

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