Alabama’s Own Barbara Stokes Explains Green Structure Homes Evolution

“Building a business is very hard work and highly specified to your market, but the best advice I ever received and would pass on is listening to your folks. Having good people around you is very important but listening to them is imperative.” – Barbara Stokes, CEO of Green Structured Homes

Green Structured Homes was started back in 2011 by husband and wife team, Barbara and Scott Stokes. Barbara, now CEO of the Green Structured Homes, or GSH, has led the company to become a full-service manufacturing business that serves private and public entities. The road has not always been an easy haul but through perseverance, know-how, and experience, GSH is showing what a small family-owned manufacturing company can do.

GSH of Alabama now builds eco-friendly, energy-efficient modular homes that are almost fully customizable by the end-user. Working with some of the best and brightest designers, engineers, and production workers in Alabama, GSH is making module homes safer, cheaper, and quicker than previously thought possible. Through innovative design, cutting-edge engineering and modern manufacturing technologies, GSH is giving their clients improved budget accuracy and transparency, with minimal imported workforce, and even faster build times than their competition.
From 2017-2018, GSH contracted with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, to build modular buildings to be used by families displaced by Hurricane Harvey. As FEMA’s track record with temporary housing was less than perfect, GSH only agreed to the FEMA contract, if they could produce better housing. Very quickly, Stokes realized that safety would have to take priority with filling FEMA’s order. They developed an automated fire suppression system, in-house, to increase fire safety in the FEMA homes. Further, the homes were hurricane-rated, pest and mold resistant.
Before GSH got it’s start in mobile home unit manufacturing, Barbara Stokes was putting together her set of skills at Mercer University. Before graduating in 2000, Barbara studied manufacturing and management, technical communication, structures and properties of materials, and thermodynamics. The knowledge Barbara gained at Mercer can be seen throughout every aspect of GSH’s operations and has ultimately led to many efficiencies.
Barbara elaborated on the Green Structured Homes success:
“I always try to stay a few steps ahead of where our business is and focus a lot of attention on growth. We’re entirely dependent on the strength of our team to continue growing, so I try to give employees the most enjoyable work experience possible. If your employees are happy, they will do better work, which in turn creates a better result for your customer, and ultimately your business.”
Fast forward to 2019, GSH is moving beyond manufacturing and offering a host of services geared towards natural disaster relief. Here is what they Huntsville company is now offering.

Comprehensive Project Management
Utilizing their experience and knowledge of the construction industry, GSH core services include: on-site utility coordination and installation; engineering services relating to IRC, IBC and other state and federal standards; and Full Development Project Management. GSH’s project management often entails feasibility studies, analysis, land planning, infrastructure, utility and foundations services. With over 30 years of experience, GSH’s site supervisors have seen almost every challenge that can occur on a work site. Better yet, they know how to solve it.
Turnkey Solutions
Governmental agencies and larger private entities work with GSH because they are known for providing solutions rather than problems. From custom design, engineering and manufacturing to site preparation, manufactured structures and logistics support, GSH does the heavy lifting for their clients. Whether you need designing and testing of a product, scaling up to full production, or warehousing and transportation to your site, GSH has you covered. If your project des manage to stump the GSH team, they will definitely know who can help you. Stokes has effortlessly built up a logistics network that can handle any of the following areas: Accounting; Dispatching; Fleet Maintenance; Intermodal Transportation; Inventory Management; and Warehousing.

Containerized Units

One of GSH of Alabama’s latest endeavors is developing fully livable containerized units. These eco-friendly solutions are durable, portable and comfortable when assembled correctly. These units offer incredible value to customers and are easily shipped and transported. These units meet all regulatory requirements, offer comfortable and safe living, and include a kitchen, dining and living areas.

To learn more about how GSH of Alabama and Huntsville’s Barbara Stokes are sharpening their craft, visit their website at

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