MAGFAST Set to Revolutionize the Simple Act of Charging

While everyone loves their electronic devices, nobody likes dealing with messy chargers and cables to keep our devices running. It was only a matter of time before consumers demanded a solution to messy charging problems, and sure enough, that solution has already hit the market.

Meet MAGFAST, an ingenious new magnetic charging system that makes charging your favorite devices faster, neater, and easier. MAGFAST is a revolutionary new charging system that fits together magnetically, almost like a child’s set of building blocks.


The World Is Ripe for New Charging Solutions

In today’s fast-paced digital environment, we all have way too many devices, chargers and cables to keep track of. Just when we think we’ve got the edge on some new technology, along come the manufacturers with new gadgets. It feels like we’ve lost all hope of ever returning to standard universal charging units that charge all devices or standard headphone jacks that fit both our tablets and phones. The only solution at this point is to go wireless.


Wireless Is the New Industry Standard

MAGFAST is an innovative new charging system that takes the ease of wireless charging to the next level. The company’s website claims that MAGFAST is “changing charging for good,” and its unique family of sleek products is revolutionizing charging as we know it by developing a truly wireless charging solution for multiple applications.


Review of MAGFAST

MAGFAST began as a crowdfunded startup in 2017. “The idea of MAGFAST came about after countless hours trying to find the solution I wanted for my own family,” explains founder Seymour Segnit. “I found that despite charging being a critical part of everyday life – and despite there being thousands of chargers out there – no manufacturer seemed to ‘get’ what I was looking for.”

Segnit set out to develop his own solution – one that would be fully wireless, meaning no more cords, no more cables, no more tangled mess, and no wires at all. Each component in the MAGFAST family connects magnetically to all the others. Compatibility with pretty much every brand and model of smartphone from the last decade and the next 10 years too is built into every unit.

So you can easily charge an old iPhone, a new Apple Watch, a laptop, and a tablet – all at once. This is a no-brainer for the MAGFAST system, designed to cover all bases at once.

The MAGFAST Family of Wireless, Magnetic Chargers

MAGFAST Family is a complete charging system that includes six chargers designed to take care of every possible charging scenario, and it provides quick and easy access to juice for all of your mobile devices. Each MAGFAST power bank comes with a built-in cable that is both self-storing and replaceable. Each features traditional USB-A and new USB-C outlets too, as well as Qi wireless charging for all the latest devices.

While each MAGFAST charger can work individually, the true beauty of the system is in its modular design, which allows you to connect multiple units together for easy and quick wireless charging:

  • MAGFAST Lifeis a portable power bank with Qi wireless that charges easily and in turn can charge any device old or new, with or without wires, all with a form-factor small enough to fit the palm of your hand.
  • MAGFASTExtreme is a beast and combines two remarkable features together for the first time. First, along its top face, you can wirelessly charge a total of three Qi compatible devices. That’s three large smartphones from any of the top brands. Second the battery inside is so powerful, it can jump start your car!
  • MAGFAST Roadis a great on-the-go in-the-car solution. Plug it into the 12v outlet in your car, and provides a total of 6 fast USB outlets to charge your devices and those of all your passengers. Unplug it and there’s an always-ready flashlight right in the tip.
  • MAGFASTAiris a lightweight Qi charger designed for your desk, countertop or… wall. Air mounts right on top of MAGFAST Wall, perfect in places like kitchens to keep your counter clear. And it snaps right on to its on perfectly angled stand, or any MAGFAST power bank too.
  • MAGFAST Wallis the new updated version of one of the most popular charging designs around. Wall plugs right in your wall, keeps your outlets free to use, provides a charging station for wireless charging that not only charges all of your mobile devices but also charges the entire MAGFAST Family of chargers
  • MAGFAST Timeis a small, portable charger that is just the best way to charge your Apple

Segnit describes two basic problems with conventional chargers: “They’re ugly with all those messy wires, which is no good in your environment, and most are so cheaply made [that] they quickly go to landfill, which is really bad for everyone’s environment.” Segnit is committed to designing durable products that will not only provide rapid and effective charging but that will hold up and last.

The entire line of MAGFAST products is not only durable and effective but also attractive, solving the issue of messy and unsightly charging stations in home and office environments. The design team focused on ensuring that MAGFAST provided not only a practical and efficient way of charging but also a stylish and attractive décor option.


Market Demands Mean Perfect Timing for MAGFAST

When the test launch crowdfunding campaign for MAGFAST Family first went live, it took just 15 minutes for Segnit and his wife Amy to reach their initial goal of $300,000. This proved to be a strong indicator of the interest and desire in the marketplace for new wireless charging solutions.

The design of the MAGFAST Family of products is now completed, and products are available for pre-order on the manufacturer’s website. While the design of the product is already stylish, the team is continuously at work on ways to improve the system’s design.

And while Segnit is keeping mum about future product specifics are plans to expand the company’s offerings, and the team is already working on some radical new prototypes. “The beauty of MAGFAST is that the potential is almost unlimited. Any place you need power, and we’re already thinking about it,” says Segnit.

This demonstration of market demand, coupled with the manufacturing team’s vision of continuous future expansion, means that it could be an ideal time for interested investors to support the growth of MAGFAST as a young company. And for consumers, it’s a great idea to grab some of these system components while they’re still being offered at special introductory rates.

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