Milk Street Shares Many Tips And Recipes And Even Has Cooking Classes

Milk Street is a private business that was created by Christopher Kimball. The business’s headquarters is in Boston, MA, on a street with the same name. It features private events on-site as well as an online cooking school. Milk Street is active in a variety of platforms and has a podcast as well as a TV show, where recipes and cooking tips are shared. It has also shared many of its recipes on its website and has a few cookbooks out, and there is information on the website about a book tour.

Milk Street has a magazine that is offered in both digital and paper formats. The website has all of the information that people need about signing up for the magazine or gifting a subscription. There is also a tab on the website titled “Q & A,” and on it, many random cooking questions are answered. People are encouraged to become a member of the website so that they can leave any kind of cooking or food question that they have. Some of the questions and answers that are already available are about such things as what to bring to a party and how to use a pressure cooker.

Milk Street has released two full seasons of its TV show with dozens of recipes in each season. Christopher Kimball is the host of the TV show and the chefs who are on it each have a short profile on the website under “TV” and “Cast.” Christopher Kimball’s bio mentions the many books that he has released over the years. There is also information on the website about each of the episodes, including the most recent ones that are available in season three, as well as a link to watch the show on Amazon Prime.

The podcast that Milk Street puts out is released weekly and is an hour long. It features many special guests along with Christopher Kimball and one of the frequent contributors is Sara Moulton, a cookbook author and TV host. It is available on many platforms including Spotify, Google Play, and Apple Podcasts. Some of the topics that are discussed on the podcast include food in various cultures, farming, cooking, and wine. A phone number and email address are listed so that those who have a question they need to have answered or a topic they want to hear discussed can contact Milk Street about it.

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