The MAGFAST Family of Products: Transforming the Future of Charging

Wireless mobile devices and all manner of electronic gadgets have become necessary for modern life. Products such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, e-readers, and smart watches have all become essential parts of our everyday lives. In fact, it is estimated that the average household is home to over 13 wireless electronic devices.


While these products have simplified our lives in many ways, there’s still one problem with all of these modern electronic solutions: they have to be charged repeatedly. That process has traditionally required a tangled and unsightly mess of wires and chargers.


Why Charging Solutions Must Become Wireless

To make matters worse, chargers often look clunky and unsightly, and many also function poorly and break down frequently, while their cables often fray and fall apart.


As we acquire more and more devices that require charging, the problem of messy, tangled wires and clunky chargers increases. Additionally, sometimes, devices need more than one charge a day, so we have to find portable charging solutions that provide much needed power on the go.


For this reason, the future of charging must be wireless. Nonetheless, about 50 percent of all “wireless” chargers are not actually wireless at all, since the typical charging dock requires a wired connection to receive power.


The MAGFAST Family Transforms the Future of Charging Solutions

Enter the new MAGFAST Family of wireless charging products, designed to rewire the way we charge both wired and wireless devices. The MAGFAST Family includes a full range of charging products that will simplify the process of charging our essential devices, while saving time, money, and waste. It will even keep things tidy and aesthetically pleasing.


MAGFAST Product Design

Wireless chargers are not known for their aesthetic appeal. In fact, most power banks are clunky and awkward, making it difficult to keep them out of sight. While “wireless” charging pads have provided a new alternative and more portable form of charging that is less clunky and ugly than the standard power bank, these pads still need to be plugged into a wall to receive power. This defeats the purpose of what one would consider a “wire-less” charger. In other words, before you can charge your wireless mobile device with your wireless mobile charging pad, you’ll first have to charge the pad by plugging it into a wall, so it’s not really “wireless” at all.


We’ve all become accustomed to these design flaws and gotten used to clunky power banks and plug-dependent charging pads as the inevitable price that we must pay to use wireless gadgets. It was only recently that wireless charging began its current transformation thanks to the MAGFAST Family of wireless charging products, with its revolutionary design that takes into consideration the ever-present desire to reduce clutter.


MAGFAST products are built with an advanced injection molding process through a company partnership with P3 International. As a leading electronics manufacturing company with over 30 years of experience in the industry, P3 proved to be the perfect partner with whom to achieve MAGFAST’s goal of creating a product marked by superior design and quality. P3 has built and shipped tens of millions of charging units all over the world, and its products have been featured on Amazon, Brookstone, QVC, Sam’s Club, and other programs.


With MAGFAST Family products, you will never have to guess how much charge you have left in your power bank, as all MAGFAST charging products come with the industry’s first LEDelicious™ array of 10 LED lights that let you know exactly how much charge the unit has left. MAGFAST Family products also include a permanently attached cable that easily snaps back into place when you’re done using it.


MAGFAST Product Functionality

MAGFAST chargers are not only designed to be more attractive and eliminate the mess of their traditional counterparts, but they also provide significantly better functionality compared to other chargers currently on the market. For example, MAGFAST Family chargers are designed to attach to one another magnetically instead of with messy cables. The units snap easily and securely into place, allowing you to combine various charging options into a single space, while reducing clutter and providing a truly wireless way to charge your power bank.


Charging is a two-way street. When it comes to interoperability, one has to consider two major factors: power-in and power-out.


  • Power-in refers to input through which the charger itself receives power, because even wireless charging units need to draw electrical power from a source. Most conventional wireless chargers or wired chargers are equipped with only a single method through which they can receive power, typically via a USB connection.
  • Power-out refers to outputs, or the means through which the unit can charge your mobile devices. Typically, conventional chargers offer only one power-out option, which may be via Qi, USB, or the new USB-C.


The fact that they typically have only one power-in and one power-out option makes traditional chargers extremely limited in their functionality. While the use of Qi wireless charging may be great, it only works with products that have Qi-enabled charging. This means that the wireless charging unit will still need to receive power by connecting to an outside source.


The MAGFAST Family of products improves the functionality of charging units to a remarkable degree. Because all MAGFAST products attach and connect magnetically with one another, they may be used interchangeably to charge one another. In other words, any member of the MAGFAST Family of products can charge or be charged by another family member.


The MAGFAST Family of products also blows away the competition when you compare charging speed between products. All MAGFAST Family products charge at extremely rapid speeds through top-quality circuits that facilitate connection speed, in comparison to many conventional chargers built with cheap, flimsy circuits that break easily and limit connection speed.


All MAGFAST Family products also come with USB-C cables to charge your mobile devices. Because all of these built-in cables may also be swapped out between family products whenever needed, it’s easy to switch from USB to Lightning charging, for example, in a mere second.


MAGFAST Product Durability and Cost Effectiveness

Another of the biggest problems associated with conventional chargers is the issue of cheap circuits and manufacturing, which causes many products to stop functioning after only a short life span, creating the need to replace charging units over and over again. While it’s easy to find a cheap smartphone charger online or at any discount store, you’ll end up paying far more in the future, as the cheap charger may last only a month or two before it dies on you.


Granted, you could spend more on buying better quality chargers that are built to last, but we’re talking some real spending here, possibly upwards of $100. Typically, these high-priced chargers may provide longevity, but with extremely limited functionality, which simply does not justify the price hike. An example of this is the Qi wireless charging pad, which ranges in price between $20 and $100, but it is not portable, needs to be plugged in to receive power, and provides only one way to charge your mobile devices.


MAGFAST set out to create a system of charging units that are exceptional value,, durable, and highly functional, while also cleaning up their aesthetic appearance. The MAGFAST Family products all fulfill this commitment.


Contributing to a Better World

MAGFAST is set up as a benefit corporation with a mission to contribute to a better world. MAGFAST is committed to demonstrating the highest level of regard for its employees and community, as well as for the environment. In fact, the company has pledged to donate one percent of its equity, employee time and profits.


One of the ways that MAGFAST contributes solutions to environmental problems is by reducing the amount of waste that chargers contribute to the estimated 50 million tons of garbage that is dumped into the environment yearly. The company achieves this by building chargers that last longer and reduce waste. Additionally, MAGFAST is planting one tree for every charger sold, and the company has pledged to plant seven trees for every purchase of the MAGFAST Pro Kit. This is a great way for consumers to make contributions to environmental conservation by supporting the efforts of conscientious corporations.


MAGFAST has planted over 147,000 trees, which is more than five times the number of the trees in Central Park. Through its environmental contributions and development of a product that reduces waste, MAGFAST is committed to creating a better world.


What Sets the MAGFAST Family Apart?

Interoperability is what makes MAGFAST unique and superior, blowing away the competition and providing fresh new options for users. While conventional chargers have only a single input and output option, all MAGFAST Family products come with multiple power-in and power-out options, making them completely versatile and suitable for any charging environment. In addition to the most common connection options, such as USB-C and MicroUSB, MAGFAST also offers Qi wireless charging, as well as its own native MAGFAST charging platform in all of its charging units.


The MAGFAST Family of Products

The MAGFAST Family of Products is an entire line of chargers that work together easily and seamlessly, attaching themselves to one another neatly by means of magnetic force. MAGFAST Family chargers work together seamlessly to create a charging ecosystem that supports you at home, at work, and on the go. The MAGFAST Family of products makes charging all of your devices a breeze.


The MAGFAST Family of Products includes the following components:

  • MAGFAST Life: The standard MAGFAST Family unit is MAGFAST Life, a portable power bank loaded with possibilities and the perfect alternative to ugly, clunky, cheaply made, and less functional power banks. MAGFAST Life has the greatest level of interoperability among all of the MAGFAST products, offering four power-in options and five power-out options. Life is the only charger that you’ll ever need to charge your cell phone, tablet, and e-reader. It comes with a discreet built-in cable that may be kept out of sight and flipped out when needed.
  • MAGFAST Extreme: For maximum charging power, MAGFAST Extreme provides 18,000 mAh of energy, which amounts to about 12 full smartphone recharges. Extreme is ideal for a home environment in which several family members or roommates use many devices that regularly need charging. In fact, MAGFAST Extreme is so powerful that it provides enough charging power to jumpstart your car. The Extreme guarantees that you will never be short on power again.
  • MAGFAST Wall: Referred to as the “invisible outlet” charger, MAGFAST Wall is designed so that you can place it directly over any outlet, providing the most discreet charging solution available in the industry. Any MAGFAST charger may be snapped and connected directly to the Wall magnetically to provide wireless charging between units. MAGFAST Wall comes in two power options: The base model provides solid PD Power Delivery fast charging via the available tip on top, plus fast USB-A charging (that’s the type you’ve used for years) underneath. The upgraded SP2X model provides twice the charging power, surge protection and a future-proof USB-C outlet, the kind found on next generation cables and devices. By means of its PD Power Delivery technology, MAGFAST Wall charges mobile devices in a fraction of the time that it takes other chargers to do the job.
  • MAGFAST Air: The Air is ideal for use at home, at the office, or on the go. Air first serves as a wireless Qi charging stand upon which you can place any mobile device in an upright position., and by snapping on the magnetic stand, you can place the Air on any flat surface. Like all other MAGFAST Family products, the Air may also be placed directly on top of MAGFAST Wall for rapid wireless charging. And of course because the whole system snaps together like LEGO, Air will also snap on to MAGFAST Life, Extreme, Time or Road to provide portable charging as needed.
  • MAGFAST Road: MAGFAST Road is the ultimate portable car charger for use while you’re on the go. MAGFAST Road is designed to be the most user-friendly car charger on the market. Road provides multiple USB outlets so that everybody in your car can catch a charge. Up to six cables can be plugged in simultaneously – three USB-A and three USB-C, meaning plenty for you today, and as you move to USB-C in the coming years. As an extra bonus, MAGFAST Road is equipped with a flashlight, which means that you’ll never have to fumble in the dark when charging your devices.
  • MAGFAST Time for Apple® Watch: MAGFAST Time is a dedicated charger for the world’s #1 watch and features a pop-out wireless charging stand. Time can provide enough charge to keep your watch going for up to two weeks – plenty for most business trips – and is easily recharged by any of four different methods. Time has USB output too, so can be used as a booster for any phone in addition to its core focus Although Version 1 of MAGFAST Time is specifically engineered for the Apple Watch, the company has plans for future product releases that will include operability with other smartwatch products.
  • MAGFAST Family Pro Kit: MAGFAST Family Pro Kit is the ultimate MAGFAST value, ensuring that you have enough charging options for every possible charging need that you may encounter. The Family Pro Kit provides an entire suite of charging options for any mobile device. It also means the end of tangled cables and messy clunky chargers that detract from your décor. All of the pieces in the Pro Kit fit seamlessly together magnetically, and built-in cables may be discreetly hidden. The Pro Kit includes the following MAGFAST Family Products:
    • 1 MAGFAST Life
    • 1 MAGFAST Extreme
    • 2 MAGFAST Wall SP2X
    • 1 MAGFAST Air
    • 1 MAGFAST Road
    • 2 MAGFAST Family cables: Lightning and Micro-USB
    • 3 MAGFAST Wall adapter tips: USB-C, Lightning, and Micro-USB


MAGFAST Accessories

You may wish to enhance the MAGFAST Family with additional accessories that make MAGFAST chargers even better.


MAGFAST Family Micro-USB and Lightning cables may be used interchangeably with any MAGFAST Family power bank, making it possible to charge any device by simply swapping out the cable on any of your MAGFAST chargers.


You may also purchase 12v jumper cables that you can use to jumpstart your car with MAGFAST Extreme. Never again will you have to call for help when your car battery dies.


Changing the Charging Game Forever

Seymour Segnit, MAGFAST’s passionate founder and CEO, realized that he’d hit on something once he saw how rapidly the initial introduction of his original patented USB charger design took off in 2013 and went on to sell hundreds of thousands of units.


He realized that, like himself, his fellow consumers were tired of the old charging options: messy, clunky, cheaply made boxes with tangled-up cables that fall apart in no time. Segnit set out to create charging solutions that not only make a necessary task more effortless and effective but also make it more attractive and versatile, while contributing to reduced waste in the environment by making durable products that provide quality and longevity.

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