The Successful Career Journey Of Alex Molinaroli As An Electrical Engineer

Alex Molinaroli is one of the business leaders who have achieved significant success in the corporate sector. Born in 1959, Alex started his education like any other child, oblivious of the great future that awaited him. He went to the University of South Carolina from where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in computer and electrical engineering. This was the first step that he made towards realizing his dreams of becoming an expert in the engineering industry. He would later join Northwestern University to pursue a master’s degree in Science. All this was to prepare him for the robust engineering career that was ahead of him.

In 1983, Alex Molinaroli secured an employment opportunity at Johnson Controls, an organization that deals with power solutions. This was a brilliant place to kick off his career, considering his aspirations of becoming an engineer. At Jonson Controls, Alex worked with a lot of zeal to ensure that he was useful to the organization. His efforts never went unnoticed. The management of the company identified the enthusiasm with which their new employee was working and decided to promote him. Alex was mandated with the role of a team leader, a function that he was poised to accept.

The position of a team leader opened the leadership doors for Alex Molinaroli. This was when the company’s owners started to realize the potential that lied in him. They decided to expose him to challenging tasks, which would develop and enhance his leadership abilities. For instance, he was mandated with the launching and implementation of the effective sales management system in the organization. He was also tasked with the process of expanding Johnson Controls globally. Under this task, Alex Molinaroli realized significant success after he managed to open more than 300 sales offices overseas, in more than 50 countries. This was a significant milestone that saw him promoted to become the Vice President of the company. He was also made the general manager for the North American wing of the organization, which specialized with the system business.

In 2007, Alex was named the President the entire Johnson Controls Power Solutions enterprise, a position that he held until 20013. He would then be made the Vice Chairman of the holding. He performed this role tenaciously as if the company was of his own. In late 2013, the company, through its spokesperson, announced that it was interested in making Alex Molinaroli the CEO of the organization. At the same time, he would assume the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company. At both positions, he would be replacing Steve Roell, who was exiting the company leadership after his retirement. This announcement was received with a lot of excitement by both the employees and customers since they were aware of his past contributions to the organization.

At the helm of Johnson Controls Company, Alex Molinaroli has been focusing on innovative ideas, which he believes would improve the performance of the organization. He is also interested in providing creative solutions to the company’s customers, which would enhance their satisfaction with the company’s services.

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