Going Wireless with Thirdlove: How the Underwire Bra Became Obsolete


The Thirdlove 24/7 Seamless Stripe Wireless Brarecently took the title of most versatile underwire in a testing of 13 different bras by Real Simple. Results of RealSimple’s testing were published in their article, 13 Best Wireless Bras That Will Have You Ditching Underwire for Good. Real Simple’s editors independently selected and reviewed a number of wireless bras from brands like Hanes, Tommy John, Wacoal and Thirdlove. The 13 reviewed bras ranged in price from $14-$72 dollars so there was a fair amount of contrast. While Real Simple’s article was extremely helpful and illuminating to anyone tryingto find the right wireless bra, the title of the article is really what got me to thinking, ‘Should we be dedicating hanger space in 2019?’ Afterall, the wireless underwires have been getting better and better in recent years. We are all pretty aware of the benefits of underwire at this point, if not, Thirdlove has a great article that details as such on their blog, Wireless vs. Underwire Bras: See Which Style Is Best for You.

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The lift, the structure, the support. Underwire bras have traditionally been the preferred garment for women with larger breast because of these qualities. Make no bones about it underwires are not a one-size-fits-all garment. A good number of women would have no reason to know about, letalone own, an underwire. You are in good company if you are in that group. The usefulness of underwires has dwindled in recent years for two primary reasons. For one, they usually are not the most comfortable items in one’s closet. Although when has that stopped those of us willing to suffer for fashion? All jokes aside, sleeping in bras that are too tight (which underwires frequently are) can cause circulation problems, skin irritations and even acid reflux according to Thirdlove. The second reason underwires are falling out of fashion is like the Real Simple article implied, the fact that wireless bras really are getting close to doing all of things an underwire is known for without the burdensome aspects of the wired wonders (like getting jabbed in the sides with every upper-body movement). Wireless bra’s, when fitted correctly, are the closest thing to wearing no bra at all. Remember suffering for the look is no longer the only option. Thirdlove’s Take on Wireless BrasWires are the focal feature of an underwire bra and that is because that little pieceof metal or plastic is acting as a fulcrum. The point in which the weight of the breast is translated from downward to outward force. The thing is, with new textileand material technologies, bra developers and designers can get that same fulcrum, and subsequently leverage, without the pokey metal. That means you get the lift and shapeliness without the discomfort. Full discretion, Thirdlove is all about removing the discomfort from all types of bras not just wireless. It just so happens that the wireless is particularly well-suited for Thirdlove’s discomfort-removal approach. An approach that starts with their Fit Finder Tool where customers go through and answer a quick survey to help Thirdlove find the perfect fitted bra. While Thirdlove’s 24/7 Seamless Stripe Wireless Bra was among the pricier that were reviewed on Real Simple’s listicle, coming in at a purchase price of $68 dollars, it was the only bra on the list that is fitted with as much information as the Fit Finder Tool utilizes.

Most of the other wireless bras on the list would be considered one-size-fits-all. Bleh. Here is what Real Simple had to say about Thirdlove’s 24/7 Seamless Stripe Wireless:This bra is a game changer as far as wireless bras are concerned. Not only does it accommodate cup sizes A through E and feature a full elastic one-inch band for extra support and soft, memory foam cups, but its convertible straps allow you to wear this gem in three completely different ways—straight, crisscrossed at the back, or halter—depending on what you plan to wear that day.All of Thirdlove’s bras, not only the Seamless Stripe Wireless, come in wholeand half sizes accommodating anyone regardless of size or shape. Speaking of shape, did we mention the Fit Finder also takes breast shape and how your current brand of bra fits your shape into consideration when helping you find your perfect bra. Hesitant about investing in a Thirdlove bra? Their return and refund policy should ease your concerns as you have 60 full days to wear and wash your garment before returning it. In which case, Thirdlove will also pay for returnshipping. Too convenient.To recap, underwire bras are dying but not died, wireless bras are getting better, and Thirdlove is leading the game in near-custom fitted bras of all types including their 24/7 Seamless Stripe Wireless Bra.

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