Month: December 2019

Ara Chackerian Takes on Innovation and Behavioral Health

In some of our more stereotypical images of behavioral health, we envision a “salt and pepper” therapist taking notes from his desk while the identified patient “pontificates” about the good and bad of life from a plush leather couch. It’s assumed that the provider will eventually find the root of the patient’s trouble and offer

Residential Investment with Former Bear Stearns Leader Mike Nierenberg

The federal government provides needed funding, programs and legislative support for many industries and businesses — especially within the mortgage industry. Several critical real estate programs have their origins in the Great Depression era. A prime example is the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) that was created by the National Housing Act of 1934. More recent

Isabel dos Santos Calls for More 5G Investments in Africa

Isabel dos Santos Calls for More 5G Investments in Africa

“Telecom operators are eager to deploy the 5G network, but that requires a strong investment in Energy, just as it happened in Telecommunications,” says Isabel dos Santos, one of the most successful and visible business leaders in Africa today. Dos Santos was one of the keynote speakers at the recent AfricaCom, the largest gathering of

AdvisoryCloud on Being A Better Corporate Advisor

Advisors are fortunate to have a fluid and fulfilling career path. They choose to work with clients ranging from startups to multinational corporations, setting their own hours and rates. Advisory work becomes viable when you succeed in your career and have a wealth of experience and expertise to share with others. The variable nature and

Spar Nord Bank Empowers The Digital Consumer

Spar Nord Bank innovates solutions for personal banking. Ole Madsen is the company’s Senior Vice President for Communication and Innovation. He was scheduled as a speaker on at the Copenhagen Fintech Week earlier this year. Next year, Madsen is scheduled for the 2020 Efma Conference on Banking and Fintech in Berlin. Among the topics