Steelter Continues to Grow With the Addition of Gustavo Martinez

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Known for its innovative human resources (HR) assessments and talent management solutions, Steelter is continuing to grow with the addition of Gustavo Martinez to its board. Martinez has worked as a prominent businessman for more than three decades. He brings his experience heading large companies to Steelter. Over the years, Martinez has worked to lead world-famous agencies like J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, McCann WorldGroup and Ogilvy & Mather.

Steelter Leads the HR Industry

Steelter is a company that helps corporations achieve their true potential when it comes to HR. This innovative business provides software that can identify talented employees inside and outside of the organization. To do this, Steelter uses its 360 Smart assessment.

360 Smart works by analyzing and assessing every employee that works at a specific business. It takes less than five minutes to go through the professional profiles of all of the employees who work at the company. Then, 360 Smart assesses all of these professional profiles for their strengths. The algorithm searches through these profiles to see how employees rank according to 26 different skills. It assesses each person according to the values and attitudes that contribute to successful performance in the workplace.

Once the assessment is finished, the analytics module allows companies to filter and sort the data according to the department, category or work center. Businesses can take advantage of the global perspective of the company. With the data, they can create hashtags for tracking different behaviors and making predictions. Over time, the business can track its performance toward achieving different goals. The software also helps HR departments compare different employees and develop objective competency profiles for each worker.

With Steelter’s software, companies can optimize their screening process for employees. The recruitment module is designed to look at objective competency profiles for current and prospective employees. With this information, businesses can determine if the applicant they are interviewing is actually a good choice for the position.

Evaluating employees is a time-consuming task for HR departments. With Steelter, HR departments can quickly organize information about human capital. Then, they can create assessments of employees based on competency profiles for different positions. Afterward, HR professionals can view the grouped data in the analysis module.

Ultimately, this HR platform makes managing human capital easier and more efficient than ever before. Instead of having an HR professional read through each employee profile from the entire organization, Steelter’s software manages the entire process. This platform is especially effective for large corporations because it is extremely difficult to find the perfect candidate when there are hundreds or thousands of profiles to search through.

Because of these abilities, Steelter does more than just save time. It also ensures a better candidate for each position. Thanks to this software, corporations are able to find candidates who are ideal for each position instead of just being good enough to do the job. Each candidate is placed in a position that matches their skills, so companies are able to maximize their efficiency and utilize all of their shared talents.

Gustavo Martinez Brings Global Knowledge to Steelter

Now, Gustavo Martinez is joining forces with Steelter to offer even better services for clients. Over the years, he has worked at companies ranging from McCann WorldGroup to J. Walter Thompson Worldwide. At each corporation, he strives to improve sales and profits.

Part of his success is driven by his passion and creativity. Martinez works to understand complex requirements and each unique client. Thanks to his dedication and talent, he has created iconic advertisements over the years.

Martinez brings a unique set of skills to Steelter. He has a talent for creating innovative marketing materials and videos. Instead of merely sticking to traditional ideas, he pushes his team to create interesting, non-conventional campaigns. Part of the reason why he does this is because of a genuine belief that innovation is the heart of any business. If a company lacks an innovative foundation, it will never be able to grow. Innovation is what drives a company’s profits, and it gives clients a reason to buy from the company.

Because of this, Martinez believes that creative, innovative ideas are the heart of advertising campaigns. In order to make a marketing plan memorable, the plan must be unique. In this sense, marketing is an applied art. While other jobs require a lot of repetition before someone can perform them well, each marketing task is completely different and requires fresh ideas.

The Martinez Approach to Work

Gustavo Martinez - HeadshotUnlike many people in modern life, Gustavo Martinez is a self-proclaimed workaholic. On a typical day, he spends 10 to 12 hours working. He normally starts his morning with a family breakfast. Then, he answers emails and reads through the latest business news.

Once he arrives at the office, Martinez focuses all of his skills on encouraging team members to achieve their best quality of work. He encourages creative energy and new ideas among all of his team members. Exceptional employees are encouraged and recognized for their talents. Through this recognition, Martinez actively works to support passion, motivation and creativity on his teams.

As a team player, Martinez strongly believes that each person matters. Professional success can only be achieved by employers who understand the talent, knowledge and abilities their team members offer. Each person has inherent worth, which is one of the reasons why it is so important to listen to everyone’s ideas.

This approach is especially important for a company like Steelter. The entire concept behind Steelter’s analytics software is that each person offers unique talents and skills. Martinez advocates for the consultancy model, which involves talented workers providing services as consultants instead of being true employees. This type of work model functions well with Steelter’s software. When someone uses Steelter’s analytics programs, they are able to spot employees who can accelerate business growth and fill specific roles. This program takes the skills of the world’s leading HR professionals and automates them.

Martinez, Steelter and the Future of HR

Right now, there is a huge evolution underway in the world of marketing and HR. Martinez has already noticed how these changes have affected the marketing industry. Online platforms, social media and digital advertising have become vital to business success. Today, online advertising is a billion-dollar industry, and it is only going to keep growing. The low-cost and simplicity of online marketing have completely transformed how companies spread their brand image.

The same technological advancements are changing the face of HR as well. Now, project teams can collaborate using online platforms and share resources in the cloud. HR professionals can find team members faster and better than ever before using Steelter. Through these technological advancements, companies can find the employees they need from their current workforce or outside applicants.

Going into the future, companies will need the right plan and attitude to achieve success. Every entrepreneur, company and venture cannot be successful all of the time. Throughout his career, Martinez has managed to achieve a surprising level of success. He attributes his success to his ability to spot the right skills and viewpoints among his workers.

Gustavo Martinez is the perfect example of how effective Steelter’s analytics are in practice because he is essentially a human version of the software analytics. He has spent his career learning how to spot talented employees and how to find the exact skills he needs. His HR abilities have propelled his success because they allow him to gather together teams that have creative ideas and opinions. Now, Steelter is able to offer the same talent to every company. No matter how new or experienced an HR department is, Steelter can help them improve at tasks like finding and hiring the right employees.

The addition of Gustavo Martinez to Steelter is a promising sign for the up-and-coming business. Through their innovative HR platform, Steelter has managed to add an exceptionally talented individual to their board. Together, Martinez and Steelter can look forward to a bright future.


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