Year: 2019

MAGFAST Set to Revolutionize the Simple Act of Charging

While everyone loves their electronic devices, nobody likes dealing with messy chargers and cables to keep our devices running. It was only a matter of time before consumers demanded a solution to messy charging problems, and sure enough, that solution has already hit the market. Meet MAGFAST, an ingenious new magnetic charging system that makes charging your

Art Peck Knows How To Work With Data And Advertising And More

Art Peck is a businessman who attended college at Occidental College in Los Angeles and Harvard University. He has worked in many positions throughout his career from serving as the senior vice president of The Boston Consulting Group to CEO of Gap. He had spent fifteen years working in various positions in Gap and four

Alabama’s Own Barbara Stokes Explains Green Structure Homes Evolution

“Building a business is very hard work and highly specified to your market, but the best advice I ever received and would pass on is listening to your folks. Having good people around you is very important but listening to them is imperative.” – Barbara Stokes, CEO of Green Structured Homes Green Structured Homes was

Talkspace Reviews New Ways to Partner With Colleges to Help Fight Growing U.S. Mental Health Epidemic

Talkspace announced its first partnership with a higher learning institution in September 2019. The partnership with Williams College is a direct response to the national need for better access to mental health services among the nation’s college students. Founded in 1793, Williams College is the second-oldest higher learning institution in Massachusetts. The college has over 2,000 students

Florida Exotic Car Dealership The Collection Inc.

The Collection Inc. is an automobile dealership headquartered in Coral Gables, FL that is an authorized seller of high-end sports cars made by manufacturers such as Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati, Jaguar, Aston Martin and McLaren. The CEO of the company, Ken Gorin, has 40 years of experience with high-end cars. The management at The Collection Inc.

The Successful Career Journey Of Alex Molinaroli As An Electrical Engineer

Alex Molinaroli is one of the business leaders who have achieved significant success in the corporate sector. Born in 1959, Alex started his education like any other child, oblivious of the great future that awaited him. He went to the University of South Carolina from where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in computer and

Andrew Essex Has Found Success At Each And Every Turn During His Professional Life

New York City’s Andrew Essex is a professional who has achieved notable success with the work he has done as an executive leader. He is also a noted author and journalist and the co-founder of several companies that work in the marketing industry. These firms are MT Carney and Plan A. Regarding his past work

Repton School Leads Successful Volunteering Project in Ghana

Over the 2019 summer holiday pupils from Repton School visited Ghana, as part of a well-established partnership with local schools, and led English lessons and other academic classes, in addition to distributing school supplies and fresh uniforms. This annual volunteering project is a critical component of the school’s mission to teach students to be “globally