Year: 2019

Flavio Maluf Speaks About The Eucatex Commitment To Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Construction in Brazil

  The need for providing sustainable and environmentally responsible materials and practices has spread to every sector of the worlds global economy. One area that has been making strides in eco-friendly technology has been the construction industry. Previously overlooked materials like paint and insulation ended up being hazardous to the public’s health – However, the

Market America-SHOP.COM Inspires Global Entrepreneurs at World Conference

It was not an ordinary day. At least not for more than 20,000 entrepreneurs from all over the world gathered at the American Airlines Arena in Miami Florida on Saturday, February 9, for the wildly anticipated Market America- SHOP.COM World Conference. After all, there is much to celebrate and be excited about. Market America-SHOP.COM, the

Shervin Pishevar and family

An Overview of Tech Visionary Shervin Pishevar

Technology is advancing at a breakneck pace, despite stagnation in the economy. At the forefront of these advancements are big-name investors and innovators like Keith Rabois, Jeff Bezos, Marissa Mayer, and Ron Conway. One of the most prominent of those investors is Shervin Pishevar, a mogul among his peers. Pishevar is a super angel, a

InnovaCare Health makes an impact in Puerto Rico

How InnovaCare Health Prepared for Hurricane Maria and Impacted Over 200,000 Residents in Puerto Rico

InnovaCare demonstrated its superior ability to plan and prepare for disaster during the fall of 2017. The healthcare company helped countless customers, staff, and others in need of help in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, which brought mass destruction to Puerto Rico. In fact, other companies in healthcare, and even those outside of the industry,

Ford Partners with Volkswagen in Landmark Executive Move

In what seemed to be a long anticipated plan and rumored partnership, Ford and Volkswagen made a significant announcement in January 2018, one that is certainly a landmark deal between two competitors. The automakers announced that they had signed an agreement to develop both commercial vans and mid-sized pickup vehicles beginning in 2022. They also

Jeunesse Global: Superstar of MarCom Awards

Jeunesse Global: Superstar of MarCom Awards

Jeunesse continues to be the global titan of youth enhancement products. The company never fails to impress both customers and industry peers with its incredible campaigns and marketing marvels. The Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals (AMCP) released awards a few months ago for its 2018 MarCom Awards. Jeunesse Global earned 26 total awards; 12

Brandless Offers Crunchy Granola At Discounted Prices

If you enjoy textured foods, there’s nothing better than creamy smooth yogurt topped with some delicious crunchy granola. It’s almost like the ingredients are harmonizing in your mouth! Brandless offers several types of granola featuring wholesome organic ingredients. Further, these Brandless granolas contain no GMOs (genetically modified ingredients) and no artificial favors, just natural ingredients