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Will Social Security be there for today’s younger taxpayers?

The Social Security program was started in the United States in the wake of the Great Depression. Originally intended as a safety net of last resort, the program began with nearly 10 workers for every one beneficiary. The original Social Security pensioners were from a different era, one in which the average life expectancy was

Janitors at a Southern California Cheesecake Factory Cheated out of $4.57 Million in Wages

599 janitors were cheated out of their salaries at Cheesecake factory that is located in Brea, Irvine, Mission Viejo, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, San Diego and Escondido. The California Labor Commissioner announced this on Monday, June 11. The eatery chain was found conjointly viable owing its janitorial subcontractors around $4.57 million in unpaid wages and

There may be a possibility of a Russian-United States Summit

Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, shared her thoughts saying that she was in favour of a U.S –Russia summit to seek a point of comprehensive mediation forward after an unbridled meeting of the G-7. Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, wasn’t invited to the G-7 meeting that was held in Quebec, Canada. President Donald Trump thought

US and Canada Trade Disputes

Ever since the Trump’s administration announced the imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum, states have been responding differently. Many of the countries have been raising their concerns that Trump is bound to spark a trade war. For a standard solution, they have been asking Washington to change the new trade rules, failure to which, they

President Trump’s Filing System Is More About Tearing Up And Throwing Documents Away Than Preserving Them

President Trump is not an ordinary president. In just eighteen months in office, Mr. Trump is stepping on toes and throwing shade at world leaders like a Real Housewife on Bravo TV. Trump is not afraid to cross the line of correct political behavior in order to keep his own political party, and the Democrat’s

How USHEALTH Advisors Helped Randy Hildebrandt Accomplish All of His Career Goals

Miracles happen every day in your life—but for some reason, people have it set into their minds that miracles only occur during the holiday season. Once you start to see and truly appreciate the things you take for granted, such as the gift of life and good health, your life—and your perspective on miracles—will almost