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JC Penny Is On Its Way To Obsolescence Now That Their Capable CEO Is Off To Lowes

JC Penny is the department store that ruled supreme during the 1960s and 1970s. But Sears may take offense to that statement. Sears was another retail powerhouse that consumers couldn’t stay away from for the last five decades. But Just like JC Penny, Sears is heading for that retail graveyard where old slogans and broken

Planning Ahead With Glen Wakeman and LaunchPad Holdings

Planning Ahead: How Glen Wakeman Can Launch Your Success in a New Business

It All Starts with an Idea   …but what’s next?   Every day, folks all over the country embark on business ventures in an effort to turn great ideas into thriving businesses. Unfortunately, it takes more than just a novel concept or a handy product to yield favorable outcomes. According to Bloomberg, 8 out of

Controversy Over Alleged DOJ Informant Continues to Swirl

A Friday tweet by US President Donald Trump continued to stoke the embers of a growing political scandal. In recent weeks, a theory spreading through the White House and Washington political circles alleged that there was a Department of Justice (DOJ) informant placed in the 2016 Trump Presidential campaign in an effort to feed information

China Donated A Statue Of Marx To The City of Tier, In Germany

The People’s Republic of China donated a statue of Marx to the German city of Tier. This past Saturday, the statue was unveiled for all to see. The citizens of Tier did not particularly want the statue, though the local officials in the government, as well as those in the European Union, were enthusiastic. The

Stansberry Research Targets Blockchain Security Breaches

Security Breaches Running Rampant, A Look at Blockchain Security from Stansberry Research

Security breaches are occurring with alarming frequency across the world. These breaches can range from stolen password information, financial accounts, social security numbers, and other forms of identification. When someone falls prey to a hacker in this way, the results can be devastating and possibly lead to financial ruin. As data storage methods evolve, new

American Diplomat Leave Islamabad after Fatal Accident

A US diplomat was allowed by Pakistani authorities to vacate the country on Monday. The diplomat was involved in a fatal accident in the country. The Pakistani authorities gave the go-ahead on Monday. This was after officials working for the Pakistani government in Islamabad had prevented the diplomat from boarding a plane owned by the