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North Pole Temperatures Are Above Freezing At The Coldest Time Of The Year

Climate change may be a political football, but we all know it’s real. Summers are hotter, winters are warmer, storms are stronger, and floods are turning cities into lakes. And to make matters worse, the North Pole is experiencing above freezing temperatures in the dead of winter. The sun won’t come up in the North

Jeff Aronin Uses Paragon Bioscience to Develop New Medicine

Jeff Aronin and Paragon Biosciences Drive Development of Important Medicines

The mission of Paragon Biosciences is to improve lives through the use of biomedical innovations. The company seeks to help people live healthier for longer. Paragon helps build and grow biotechnology companies through investments of financial and human resources — ensuring each biotech startup has the best chance to succeed.     The Paragon Philosophy

David Giertz Covers Retirement Savings Rules For 2018 That You Need To Know About

There are rules to the road when it comes to saving for retirement. The more you know about them, the more you can prepare yourself for how to adapt to what is coming next. A few of the changes that are coming for 2018 are things that might surprise you if you are not

Dr. Mark Holterman at the Forefront Of Medical Innovation

Forever on the Forefront: The Careers and Passions of Dr. Mark Holterman

Dr. Mark Holterman has always been involved in a multitude of projects, and at many points in his life, he’s held several jobs at the same time. He’s long devoted himself to treating patients, expanding access to healthcare, and opening up new avenues for medical researchers.   Chicago’s Hometown Medical Hero   For decades, home

A Map Showing Congressional Districts Raises Hopes for Democratic Legislators for A legal Test Soon

A new legal battle is set to be started by a court ruling issued by a Pennsylvania Court regarding the map for the Congressional district’s map. This happens at a critical time just before the mid-term elections scheduled for November this year. The legal battle is meant to reconfigure numerous campaign trails and offer the

Lime Crime Unleashes Their New Diamond Crushers Line

Lime Crime is taking over the Internet, and for good reasons. This certified vegan and cruelty free makeup brand combines quirky and fun packaging with bold, highly pigmented cosmetics that appeal to makeup fanatics and individuals who prefer a more natural look alike. Lime Crime is committed to producing the highest quality vegan products