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Repton School Leads Successful Volunteering Project in Ghana

Over the 2019 summer holiday pupils from Repton School visited Ghana, as part of a well-established partnership with local schools, and led English lessons and other academic classes, in addition to distributing school supplies and fresh uniforms. This annual volunteering project is a critical component of the school’s mission to teach students to be “globally

The Success And Inspiration Of Cynthia Grossman

Cynthia Grossman is a highly successful businesswoman and runs Arca Continental, a company that is in the soda and snack-foods industry and is part of the larger Grupo Continental, an umbrella operating group for a number of Central-American companies that was founded in 1929. She first became known to the world as one of the

Find Out The Accounts And Financial Services Offered By Hargreaves Lansdown

Hargreaves Lansdown is one of the leading financial advisors in the United Kingdom. The company has significantly expanded since its inception, 1981. It has already established itself as the market leader, with more than one million customers and managing more than 86 billion British pounds, which makes it one of the leading organizations in terms

William Pitt Real Estate LLC Has Quarterly Report Released Showing Home Sales Increasing

The outlook for the third quarter of residential real estate firm William Pitt Real Estate LLC seemed to have great news for its brokers and their clients. After things looked pretty slow in the New England and New York markets over the last several reported quarters, sales volumes ticked up in quarter three of 2019.

Geisha Williams: A Very Accomplished CEO Breaks Through The Glass Ceiling

Today, despite many advances in the treatment of women in the workplace, highly compensated female CEOs still remain something of a rarity in the business world. The biography of Geisha Williams should inspire ambitious young women seeking to compete with male peers. She has insisted upon receiving equal treatment (and compensation) for her services as

Boris Ivanov Speaks on Opportunities in Africa

Boris Ivanov Comments on 20 Years of Doing Business in Africa

Boris Ivanov is the Founder and Managing Director of an exploration and production company, GPB Global Resources B.V. He has worked in Africa, South America, and the Middle East throughout his long and storied career. During the Cold War, Boris Ivanov served in the USSR’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This article chronicles his time in

Mike Bagguley on How Tech is Changing Other Industries, Cryptocurrency, and the Financial Dangers of Coworking Spaces

Mike Bagguley began his career in insurance before joining a bank on a derivatives trading desk. He held key roles, including senior role in FI Rates, Head of FX and Commodities, and Head of Macro Products. He oversaw many projects, including the execution of Barclays’ first client physical oil deals, and integrating Rates, FX and

City Living in the Chicago Metro Area with Beal Properties

City Living in the Chicago Metro Area with Beal Properties

Chicago has a number of up-and-coming neighborhoods across the city. This thriving metro ecosystem is due in part to property owners, like Beal Properties, who maintain competitively priced apartments in a variety of desirable locations. These include Chicago neighborhoods, such as the Gold Coast, Lakeview and Lincoln Park, as well as nearby cities like Evanston.

Stream Energy: Top three energy-using devices in your home or apartment

It’s the weekend, so it’s time to do the usual: laundry, cooking, and bingeing your favorite TV shows. You can’t wait to spend time relaxing in your home, and you look forward to a productive, satisfying few days where you’re not at work. Then you get your electric bill, and guess what? It’s way too