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End Citizens United, Tax Reform, 2018 Elections

What the Tax Bill Means for 2018 Elections, According to End Citizens United

Sometimes, even politicians are surprisingly honest. When Republican Representative Chris Collins of New York candidly told reporters his donors were telling him to pass tax reform or “don’t ever call me again,” he provided a rare confirmation of what most Americans already suspected: wealthy donors expect something in return when they make large political contributions.

Russia blames the US for Involvement In the Bombing of Its Syrian Military Bases

According to a recent report from Moscow, Russian authorities have alluded that the lasts series of attacks on its military bases in Syria must have taken the assistance of a nation that had advanced technology on satellite navigation. To many spectators, this statement was seen to be aimed at the sole remaining superpower after the

Stream Energy Standardizes Smart-Life Technology

Stream Energy was first founded in Dallas, Texas, in 2005 right after the deregulation of the electricity market in Texas. Since then, they’ve changed their legal name to Stream, as their services expanded beyond energy and gas. The goal of the founders was to make the process of choosing and managing energy plans easier for

The Regime in Pyongyang Shutting Down As America Ramps to End Repressive Regime

The economic situation in North Korea is deteriorating by the day as the US renews its efforts to bring down the repressive regime of Kim Jong Un which has starved and murdered millions of its citizens. A few week ago, the United Nation’s General assembly unanimously passed the implementation of even harsher trade and economic

Washington suspends security Assistance to Pakistan

The US government has suspended the assistance to Pakistan regarding Security over claims of failure by Islamabad to clamp down on terrorist organizations adequately within the borders of Pakistan. This move was made in a statement that was released by the US State Department on Thursday. The Spokesperson of the State Department, Heather Nauert noted

Paul Mampilly's investment trends to watch in 2018

2 Trends Paul Mampilly Thinks We Ought to Follow in 2018

I always think back to the days when I first arrived in this country every time the holiday season rolls around. When I was a new immigrant, I was completely unaware of what the holiday of “Thanksgiving” was all about. I thought that Thanksgiving was a day when people take the time to appreciate all

Sussex Healthcare continues to provide elder care

Sussex Healthcare Provides Care During Critical Caregiver Shortage

Sussex Health Care provides support services that may seem challenging to find in some cases. The aging baby boomer generation is starting to have health problems that require attention and make them less available to help older loved ones. Sussex Health Care offers a resource that can meet the need as it arises. In America,

Nikki Haley Dismisses Any Proposed Peace Talks between North Korea and South Korea

The United States ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, has refuted any intentions by the US government from making any contacts that were proposed between Pyongyang and Seoul. Haley said that the Trump administration can never take any talks like those seriously if the repressive regime led by Kim Jong Un failed to abandon its