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President Trump to Halt Dreamers Program

In a move that’s still raising some eyebrows even among congressional republicans President Trump said that he would halt the Dreamers program. The Dreamers program – known by its more official name as DACA, or deferred action for childhood arrivals – allows a small class of immigrants who entered the United States as minors to

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin Could Stop The New $20 Bill Proposal

The government changes U.S. currency bills to stop counterfeiters. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said that was his number one priority, but there are some people in Washington that believe Mnuchin has another plan up his Trump-like sleeve. Former Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew put a proposal in place when Obama was president, and his

Second-Quarter Gross Domestic Product Growth Hits Trump’s 3.0 Percent Figure

Trump’s twitter fingers will get more exercise, thanks to the Commerce Department. The Commerce Department’s second-quarter estimate of gross domestic product growth is 3.0 percent. That’s better than some economists predicted. The consensus was Q2 results would be 2.7 percent, thanks to strong consumer spending. The first-quarter 1.2 percent figure was a disappointment, and the

Anquan Boldin Retires to Pursue a “Purpose Bigger than Football”

Anquan Boldin retires after 14 NFL seasons, for something “bigger than football.” Sunday night Boldin leaves the Buffalo Bills in a statement he made through ESPN. Boldin announces his retirement only two weeks after signing a one-year contract with the Bills. In his statement, Boldin expresses his gratitude for the game’s influence on his core

North Korea Fires A Missile Over Japan And Financial Markets React To The Threat

The president of North Korea is doing what he does best. He is taunting his enemies with missiles once again. News reports claim President Un is not happy about the South Korea and U.S. joint military operations going on now, and he is using his shot a missile tactic to show the allies he means

Le’Veon Bell Breaks Contract Negotiation with Pittsburgh Steelers

Le’Veon Bell Breaks Contract Negotiation with Pittsburgh Steelers Le’Veon Bell is almost universally considered as the greatest running back in the game of professional football. There is an argument to be made for Arizona’s David Johnson, but it would be a failing one. Le’Veon Bell is the most dynamic back in all of football and

Equities First Holdings’ Global Success and Expansion

Equities first holdings is a global lender that offers clients financial solutions and supplies loans against stocks. Finding collateral for a loan can be a problem, especially when you are a business person. Equities first holdings have however moved the line, enabling customers to access loans using their trading stocks. Equities First Holdings is a

President Trump’s First Pardon Sparks Controversy

When President Trump pardoned former Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona, the president probably knew this move would prove controversial. However, the backlash against Trump’s first pardon may reach heights no one could have predicted. The move was particularly disagreeable for immigrants’ rights activists like Lyda Guzman of Phoenix, Arizona. Ten years ago, Guzman was one

Amazon’s Mission Is To Change The Way People Shop For Groceries

Whole Foods is America’s answer to health and wellness, according to the yuppies that visit the 460-store chain every week. Whole Foods is not just a grocery store. It is the Grand Dame of free-range chicken, responsibly farmed fish, and organic bananas. The employees are neat college educated folks; the vegetables are fresh, and the

Amazon’s Dynamic Pricing Scares Grocers

Walmart, Costco and Kroger stock dipped on Thursday as Amazon slashed prices at its Whole Foods locations. The move is considered to be typical of the tech industry, where the business model is growth focused. Jeff Bezos used his “high-velocity decision making” to grow Amazon, the company he founded, into the powerhouse it is today.