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Texas Democratic Votes In The 2018 Midterm Election Set State Records

The first state-level primary election in the United States 2018 election cycle took place in Texas, with registered voters casting votes on Tuesday, March 6, 2018. Early statistics indicate that more Democratic voters had both registered and cast votes than in any election cycle since at least 2002, at least in terms of midterm primary

End Citizens United, Tax Reform, 2018 Elections

What the Tax Bill Means for 2018 Elections, According to End Citizens United

Sometimes, even politicians are surprisingly honest. When Republican Representative Chris Collins of New York candidly told reporters his donors were telling him to pass tax reform or “don’t ever call me again,” he provided a rare confirmation of what most Americans already suspected: wealthy donors expect something in return when they make large political contributions.

Generic ballot predicts Democratic gains in 2018

According to The Washington Post, a new CNN poll has good news for the Democratic Party. The poll asked voters if they would vote for a generic Republican or a generic Democrat in the 2018 elections. Voters favored the generic Democratic candidate by 16 percentage points, 54 percent to 38 percent. Polling experts stress that