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MAGFAST Set to Revolutionize the Simple Act of Charging

While everyone loves their electronic devices, nobody likes dealing with messy chargers and cables to keep our devices running. It was only a matter of time before consumers demanded a solution to messy charging problems, and sure enough, that solution has already hit the market. Meet MAGFAST, an ingenious new magnetic charging system that makes charging your

Geisha Williams: A Very Accomplished CEO Breaks Through The Glass Ceiling

Today, despite many advances in the treatment of women in the workplace, highly compensated female CEOs still remain something of a rarity in the business world. The biography of Geisha Williams should inspire ambitious young women seeking to compete with male peers. She has insisted upon receiving equal treatment (and compensation) for her services as

Steve Lesnard

Steve Lesnard Global VP of Marketing at The North Face Explains How To Tell A Brand Story That Inspires

What’s the big idea? No, really. What is the big idea? The answer to this question (or rather, the way you find the answer to this question) is the key to brand marketing success. Unlike a traditional marketing model, where messaging is executed through various channels without coordination, a big idea marketing concept integrates a

Roger H. Kimmel: Attorney, Investment Banker, And College Professor

Traversing different career paths is not common for a business executive, and most of them stay on the same path for the entirety of their careers. Roger H. Kimmel has taken the time to apply his various talents in different ways for many high-end companies across the country for decades. Roger has tried his hand

All About Brandless

Brandless is an online store that sells wholesome, organic and speciality food and other household goods. Each item is sold for $3 and some are even less. The idea behind Brandless is that customers are paying just for the item and not for the markup that often comes along with brand names and certain household

Dabie Tsai Sets Example for Women in the Work Place

Dabie Tsai Exemplifies and Encourages Power of Women in the Workplace

It’s no secret that women have been underrepresented in most sectors of the workplace for as long as the modern office environment has existed. Though women make up half the population and are responsible for some of history’s most innovative ideas, workplace equality has long been a goal unrealized. Thankfully, more than ever, that is

Beamridge Ltd and Lee May Help Youth Sports Organizations

Philanthropist Lee May and Beamridge Ltd Sponsor Several Youth Organizations

Many people clamor for the secret to success across all sectors of business. This is especially true in the real estate industry where success can be lucrative and failure can be financially devastating. In a field replete with competition and players hailing from all over the world stage, success can be elusive for all but