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Paul Griff Helps Others Realize Their Dreams

When a person becomes a successful entrepreneur, they often want to help others do the same. However, since this can involve tremendous amounts of time taken away from their own business, few ever decide to follow this path. But for serial entrepreneur Paul Griff, helping others realize their dreams of owning a successful business is

Spar Nord Bank Empowers The Digital Consumer

Spar Nord Bank innovates solutions for personal banking. Ole Madsen is the company’s Senior Vice President for Communication and Innovation. He was scheduled as a speaker on at the Copenhagen Fintech Week earlier this year. Next year, Madsen is scheduled for the 2020 Efma Conference on Banking and Fintech in Berlin. Among the topics

Milk Street Shares Many Tips And Recipes And Even Has Cooking Classes

Milk Street is a private business that was created by Christopher Kimball. The business’s headquarters is in Boston, MA, on a street with the same name. It features private events on-site as well as an online cooking school. Milk Street is active in a variety of platforms and has a podcast as well as a

Opus Consulting Pioneers Payment Solutions

Managing digital finance is a challenge for many, but it doesn’t need to be. Opus Consulting provides enterprise solutions for payment settlements. By using these services, companies can improve their payment processing, accounting and security. Opus Consulting provides advanced card and account management solutions to streamline finances. And, what good is improving payment settlement efficiency

Ben Melkman Burnishes His Reputation As The Next Superstar Hedge Fund Manager

Ben Melkman is a hedge fund manager in New York City. He is a graduate of the London School of Economics and Political Science where he graduated with his bachelor’s of science degree with honors. In January 2004, he joined Morgan Stanley in London, England, as executive director. In March 2009, he joined Brevan Howard

Art Peck Knows How To Work With Data And Advertising And More

Art Peck is a businessman who attended college at Occidental College in Los Angeles and Harvard University. He has worked in many positions throughout his career from serving as the senior vice president of The Boston Consulting Group to CEO of Gap. He had spent fifteen years working in various positions in Gap and four

Amit Kleinberger: The Person Behind All The Smiles

One of the most famous frozen yogurt shops in the world, Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt focuses on spreading smiles to each and every customer that enters the doors. But who is the mastermind behind each of these smiles? That person is none other than Amit Kleinberger, the 33 year old who has been the CEO of

William Pitt Real Estate LLC Has Quarterly Report Released Showing Home Sales Increasing

The outlook for the third quarter of residential real estate firm William Pitt Real Estate LLC seemed to have great news for its brokers and their clients. After things looked pretty slow in the New England and New York markets over the last several reported quarters, sales volumes ticked up in quarter three of 2019.

All Eyes on Milan: Jeunesse Global EXPO 2019 World Tour Stops NEXT in Europe

All Eyes on Milan: Jeunesse Global EXPO 2019 World Tour Stops NEXT in Europe

 Jeunesse Global is gearing up for the upcoming European stop of their annual EXPO World Tour in Milan, Italy. The company looks to continue riding high on the success of their recent multi-day events in Orlando, Florida (North America) and Singapore (Asia-Pacific & Africa). The Italian festivities, representing the company’s Europe & Middle East Region,

Kevin Plank partners with Richard Branson

Kevin Plank and Under Armour Partner With Virgin Galactic

On its website, Virgin Galactic recently announced its new partnership with Under Armour. Virgin Galactic said that UA (NYSE: UA) is now its exclusive technical partner for creating next-generation spacewear. The partnership brings two powerful missions together; Virgin Galactic’s mission is to help facilitate commercial space travel, and UA’s mission is to create reliable and