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Strong U.S. Consumer Activity Heading Into 2018

Both key capital goods and overall U.S. consumer spending gained serious momentum in November and look set to continue to year’s end. There is some concern among economists, though, that consumer spending is being too propped up via credit: household savings, which normally slump around Christmas time, have really been down recently. The Department of

The US Opposes The Market Economy Status For China At WTO

The US has given a formal statement to the World Trade Organization that it opposes a move to grant China market economy status. If China maintains a market economy status, it will disallow the US to have high anti-dumping duties to goods from China. The opposition statement was submitted in support of the European Union

Banking Giants Express Concerns Over Proposed U.S. Tax Reform

Republican lawmakers and White House officials are pressing ahead with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which could be the first major piece of legislation of the contentious Trump administration, but two banking industry associations are objecting to a specific provision within the proposal. The two industry groups have sent a letter to the United

Tesla Motors Fires Incompetent Employees

Telsa Motors announced that they had fired hundreds of workers last week. The electric-car maker resulted to this action following performance reviews. This performance review was geared towards the biggest expansion by the car maker since its establishment. However, the company confirmed that the workers who had been fired were fired for genuine reasons. The

Ivanka Trump Begins Campaign To Help Women In Business

Ivanka Trump recently announced that she is spearheading an initiative called The Women Entrepreneur Finance Initiative. This is an organization that will put billions of dollars into small to medium-size businesses in developing countries. Women who live in developed countries often struggle to get the funding that they need. Anta Babacar is one of the

The Collapse of Monarch Airlines

Report from Britain confirmed that Monarch Airlines had collapsed on Monday. For starters, this is a low-cost carrier from the United Kingdom. The airline collapsed together with its tour operator. The main reason for the collapse was bankruptcy. The collapse meant that the airline cancelled all scheduled flights and this forced the British government to

Trump continues to shun Congressional Republicans

The tables have turned for Congressional Republicans. As The Washington Post reports, the beginning of 2017 seemed so promising. After eight years, they finally had a sympathetic president, and a vice-president who would make sure ties went their way in the Senate. Repealing “Obamacare.” Major tax reform. A new approach to budgeting. The possibilities were