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We answer the common questions you may have if IC Systems contacts you

Two Commonly Asked Questions About IC Systems

For many people, interactions with an accounts receivable company, otherwise known as a collection agency, can be an intimidating experience. When interacting with such a company, confusion can arise that can not only impede the process of achieving financial resolution but also create undue stress for the customer. IC Systems, a leader in the field

GreenSKy IPO credit

GreenSky Credit Company Offers a Sound Alternative to Credit Cards for Home Improvement Projects

Is there a home improvement project you’d like to do if you had the funds? What if you could access money from a bank, at a decent rate, even if the loan amount wasn’t large? In the past, banks often turned down borrowers who wanted smaller loans, so many homeowners resorted to using credit cards.

Forex CFD broker

AvaTrade Review: Exposing the True Quality of Their Services

What comes to your mind when you think about forex or cryptocurrency trading? Volatile markets, endless opportunities, complicated finance lingo perhaps? Well, even though all that is equally important, finding a broker who is competent enough to hold your hand is perhaps the best thing you can ever do. Talking about brokers and competence, this

Investigation finds IRS targeted conservative and progressive group

An investigation into allegations of partisan behavior at the Internal Revenue Service has turned up evidence that both liberal and conservative groups were targeted for extra scrutiny. According to The Washington Post, the investigation’s findings cast doubt on Republican allegations that President Obama ordered the agency to target conservative groups. The allegations of bias were

House Speaker Paul Ryan Says Not All Of The Middle Class Is Going To Get A Tax Break

The Republicans are pushing for a tax code overhaul. That was one of Trump’s campaign promises. But Trump’s track record on delivering many of those campaign promises is not making the Republican Party dance in the street. The Republican healthcare bill is down for the count, and the famous “wall” will not happen unless Congress

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin Could Stop The New $20 Bill Proposal

The government changes U.S. currency bills to stop counterfeiters. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said that was his number one priority, but there are some people in Washington that believe Mnuchin has another plan up his Trump-like sleeve. Former Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew put a proposal in place when Obama was president, and his

Second-Quarter Gross Domestic Product Growth Hits Trump’s 3.0 Percent Figure

Trump’s twitter fingers will get more exercise, thanks to the Commerce Department. The Commerce Department’s second-quarter estimate of gross domestic product growth is 3.0 percent. That’s better than some economists predicted. The consensus was Q2 results would be 2.7 percent, thanks to strong consumer spending. The first-quarter 1.2 percent figure was a disappointment, and the

Mortgage Applications Down Despite Low Interest Rates

Although interest rates were lower last week, many potential homebuyers were not interested in applying for a mortgage. The volume of mortgage applications rose just 0.4 percent last week compared to the previous week. Overall mortgage application volume is down 22 percent when compared to the same time last year, according to a report by