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8 Tips to Support Your Wellness Goals

Whether you’re thinking ahead to your next New Year’s resolution or simply interested in living your best life, it’s always a good time to establish a wellness plan. We know that diets aren’t always healthy, and focusing on weight loss can actually be detrimental to your goals. So maybe what you want is to establish

USHEALTH Group Reviews The History and Health Benefits of Zumba Workouts

Over the years, exercise trends have come and gone with ease, and USHEALTH Group has seen plenty throughout their long history as a health coverage provider. Some do stand the test of time while others are fads that disappear much like many of the diet options that tend to grace store shelves or pop up

Ryan Seacrest’s Intense Workout Plan Will Make You Sweat

Ryan Seacrest and his fabulous girlfriend Shayna Taylor are having a blast on their vacation in Italy. The 43-year-old host and entertainment mogul was spotted enjoying dinner with his girlfriend and friends in Portofino, Italy. While Italy is known for its beauties and rich history, the country is also known for its culinary specialties. Ryan