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Talkspace Reviews: More than Just Online Therapy

Over 40 million Americans suffer from some type of mental illness, and some experts estimate that as many as half of them do not receive the care they need. One reason behind this shortage of mental health care is the stigma that is inherently associated with it. And, while the last few years have been

Ara Chackerian Takes on Innovation and Behavioral Health

In some of our more stereotypical images of behavioral health, we envision a “salt and pepper” therapist taking notes from his desk while the identified patient “pontificates” about the good and bad of life from a plush leather couch. It’s assumed that the provider will eventually find the root of the patient’s trouble and offer

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare

Cardinal Innovations is a mental and behavioral healthcare company. They began eleven years ago to help those who are dependent on Medicaid, access support and services in their communities, and those who may not carry any healthcare insurance. Cardinal Innovations uses a managed care plan for those who need it all through the state of

American Addiction Centers - Dangers of Alcohol

American Addiction Centers Wants You to Know the Dangers of Alcohol Consumption

The truth of the matter is, no matter what kind of alcohol you consume, can be poisonous and has the potential to cause serious health problems. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), an alarming 3 million people die due to alcohol consumption each year. That is 5.3% of all deaths worldwide. Additionally, the U.S.

American Addiction Centers - cost of treatment

American Addiction Centers Breaks Down the Cost of Addiction Treatment

American Addiction Centers (AAC) understands that addiction is a devastating disease. Whether it’s an addiction to alcohol, drugs, or both, the road to recovery can seem long and difficult. The rate of addiction in the U.S. is an ongoing concern with: 5 million people age 12 and older with alcohol use disorder (AUD) 5 million

InnovaCare Health makes an impact in Puerto Rico

How InnovaCare Health Prepared for Hurricane Maria and Impacted Over 200,000 Residents in Puerto Rico

InnovaCare demonstrated its superior ability to plan and prepare for disaster during the fall of 2017. The healthcare company helped countless customers, staff, and others in need of help in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, which brought mass destruction to Puerto Rico. In fact, other companies in healthcare, and even those outside of the industry,

Behind The Success Of Cardinal Innovations

Cardinal Innovations launched a decade ago. Its principal role is to provide organized medical care plans to be utilized globally. Since it was started, the firm has been focused on upgrading the well-being and fitness of their clients including family members in North Carolina. The firm aids in the provision of quality medical services and

jake gottlieb altium

Altium Capital Signals the Return of Jacob Gottlieb

After maintaining a low professional profile for the past couple of years, Jacob Gottlieb is back at the helm of his own investment firm, Altium Capital. Gottlieb has a passion for healthcare investing and has become an expert in the field over his many years as a top fund manager and CEO. His vision for

USHEALTH Advisors’ Karla Kay McCombs Sees The Good In It All

The trials we are dealt in life can be enough to cause us to form a negative attitude or simply give up and become complacent, but just the opposite is true for Karla Kay McCombs. A woman with unmatched strength and an unwavering commitment to the people she loves, she has taken adversity with a

How USHEALTH Advisors Helped Randy Hildebrandt Accomplish All of His Career Goals

Miracles happen every day in your life—but for some reason, people have it set into their minds that miracles only occur during the holiday season. Once you start to see and truly appreciate the things you take for granted, such as the gift of life and good health, your life—and your perspective on miracles—will almost