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Net Neutrality Imperiled with December 14th FCC Vote Looming

The Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) is expected to vote on whether internet service providers can prioritize certain websites and web content over others. Treating all websites and web content the same is known as net neutrality, and defenders of the principle worry that December 14th’s FCC vote could roll back regulations that had acted as

The Potential Net Neutrality Repeal Isn’t Looking So Good For Ajit Pai And The FCC

Internet neutrality – rarely referred to in its full form; rather, it’s shortened to net neutrality in most news sources – is the dedication of Internet service providers offering identical amounts of bandwidth – Internet speed – to all their customers, including both business users and consumer households or individuals. As businesses, Internet service providers

Funny Business At The Federal Communications Commission, Central Opposition To Net Neutrality

If you live in the United States of America, you’ve probably heard the phrase net neutrality tossed around news circles in passing weeks. What Is Net Neutrality? Net neutrality, short for Internet neutrality, is the requirement that Internet service providers (ISPs) within the United States of America or those providing Internet connection to American citizens