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President Trumps Calls Shutdown Politics a ‘Present’ from Democrats

President Trump seemed to relish the idea of a government shutdown, as he joked in a tweet about the Senate stalemate being a ‘present’ from the Democrats. Last night (Friday), the Senate reached an impasse after attempting to pass a bill that would keep funds flowing to government agencies. The bill failed to pass by

End Citizens United, Tax Reform, 2018 Elections

What the Tax Bill Means for 2018 Elections, According to End Citizens United

Sometimes, even politicians are surprisingly honest. When Republican Representative Chris Collins of New York candidly told reporters his donors were telling him to pass tax reform or “don’t ever call me again,” he provided a rare confirmation of what most Americans already suspected: wealthy donors expect something in return when they make large political contributions.

The FBI warned That Russians Would Interfere with Trump’s Presidential Campaign

After Donald Trump was given the Republican nomination to run for president of the United States, the FBI gave a warning that foreign enemies including Russian hackers would probably infiltrate his campaign efforts. The warning was delivered by senior officials from the federal agency in the form of high-level counterintelligence briefings. Hillary Clinton, the then

Alabama Senate Race Highlights Manic State Of American Politics

The high-stakes election Tuesday for the Alabama Senate seat has perfectly painted the manic state of the American political climate under the Trump administration. It now seems quite possible that a win by Republicans Tuesday can be a long-time loss for the party. Conversely, for the Democrats, a loss Tuesday could easily be turned into

Trump Is Backing Roy Moore And That Is A Powerful Message

Alabama senatorial candidate Roy Moore is one of those good old boys that uses hate for power. Moore has a history of being a gay hater and a women abuser. Mr. Moore is a bigot, a racist, and a God-fearing man. And in his eyes, he is doing God’s work. He is fighting the sinners

One in Three United States Adults Will Avoid Discussing Politics During the Holiday Season

According to the recent article published on, Americans are going to sit for what has now become a holiday custom in the U.S.: tiptoeing through their favorite turkey dinner without mentioning President Trump. A Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll that was released on Friday stated that nearly 33 percent of all adults are going to avoid