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Q&A with Kevin Plank, Founder of Under Armour

Boss Files: Q&A with Kevin Plank, Founder of Under Armour

Host: In this episode of Boss Files, we interview Under Armour founder, Kevin Plank. To really understand Under Armour, you have to hear the story of how it all began. So I sat down with former CEO, Kevin Plank to talk about how he bootstrapped big-time to build this company. The Under Armour CEO is betting

Brian Unmacht Joins Bartell Drug’s Leadership Realm

George H. Bartell established Bartell Drugs in 1890. He bought the Lake Washington Pharmacy in Seattle Central District. A second outlet was opened in Downtown Seattle after eight years. Mr. Bartell sold one store after fourteen years and opened another outlet at Second Avenue. In the 1930s, there were 15 stores. Bartell involved his sons