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Bennett Graebner Uses his Diverse Skillset to Produce Quality TV

How Bennett Graebner Fosters Professional Creativity

Creativity is an asset in pretty much any line of work, helping individuals come up with new and innovative solutions to age-old problems. It probably comes as no surprise, however, that creativity is an especially important characteristic in the entertainment industry, where success often depends on surprising and engaging audiences. For that reason, the manner

Ryan Seacrest: Will This Be His 8th Nomination as ‘American Idol’ Host?

The phrase “Kieran dim the lights” will be forever burned into the minds of ‘American Idol’ fans. Ryan points his finger skyward, the spotlights drop and the studio turns dark. Every ‘American Idol’ loyal viewer knows that “Kieran dim the lights” means that it’s time to eliminate a contestant, although no one really knew who