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Trump’s Trade War With China May Backfire If China Decides To Go “All-In”

China has the second largest economy in the world. For years, China’s Gross Domestic Product growth was in the double-digit category. When the country’s manufacturing sector slowed down, the GDP growth figure dropped. But China’s economic growth is still better than the United States GDP output. China’s more than six percent GDP growth puts U.S.

China’s Trade War with the United States

The ongoing trade war between China and the United States is proving to be detrimental to the global economy. This is because the two countries are the world’s most significant economic influencers today. They keep the economy of the world in a healthy state. In past times, there has been little concern of a policy

A Trade War With China Will Hit Americans In The Pocketbook

President Donald Trump is sure his new tariffs will force America’s allies and foes to look at the United States in a different way when it comes to trade. Trump wants to change the trade rules that the United States put its stamp of approval on years ago. Mr. Trump is upset because the Germans

The US-China Trade wars Do Not Show Any Signs of Easing

World finance chiefs hope to defuse the tensions in trade between Washington and Beijing. However, they are not making any breaks in the US so far. The global commerce chiefs are at the moment pressing both China and the US to refrain from any abrupt unilateral trade actions. On Thursday, there was little progress on

Stock Market Is Jittery On Fears Of A Trade War

There are fears of an all-out trade war as comments made by President Trump have stirred the pot on that possibility. He has said that his administration will set tariffs on aluminum and steel at around twenty-five percent on steel and ten percent on aluminum. Those tariffs could go into place as early as next