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Going Wireless with Thirdlove: How the Underwire Bra Became Obsolete

The Thirdlove 24/7 Seamless Stripe Wireless Brarecently took the title of most versatile underwire in a testing of 13 different bras by Real Simple. Results of RealSimple’s testing were published in their article, 13 Best Wireless Bras That Will Have You Ditching Underwire for Good. Real Simple’s editors independently selected and reviewed a number of

Boris Ivanov Speaks on Opportunities in Africa

Boris Ivanov Comments on 20 Years of Doing Business in Africa

Boris Ivanov is the Founder and Managing Director of an exploration and production company, GPB Global Resources B.V. He has worked in Africa, South America, and the Middle East throughout his long and storied career. During the Cold War, Boris Ivanov served in the USSR’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This article chronicles his time in

How to Gain Control Over Your Inbox with Unroll Me and These Other Email Tips

How to Gain Control Over Your Inbox with Unroll Me and These Other Email Tips

Email is the lifeblood of every digital nomad, online entrepreneur, involved parent and office worker and Unroll Me can help you take back control. Like most people, you probably feel overwhelmed when it’s time to check your email because there is just so much junk, subscription updates, marketing emails you do want but not right

Ford Partners with Volkswagen in Landmark Executive Move

In what seemed to be a long anticipated plan and rumored partnership, Ford and Volkswagen made a significant announcement in January 2018, one that is certainly a landmark deal between two competitors. The automakers announced that they had signed an agreement to develop both commercial vans and mid-sized pickup vehicles beginning in 2022. They also

Jeunesse Global: Superstar of MarCom Awards

Jeunesse Global: Superstar of MarCom Awards

Jeunesse continues to be the global titan of youth enhancement products. The company never fails to impress both customers and industry peers with its incredible campaigns and marketing marvels. The Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals (AMCP) released awards a few months ago for its 2018 MarCom Awards. Jeunesse Global earned 26 total awards; 12

Hyland’s Homeopathic Cold, Cough, and Flu: Homeopathic Medicines for Common Symptoms

The common cold, flu, and cough have been grounds for home remedies for generations with parents seeking out the best medicines for their children to ease some of the symptoms. However, these common virus symptoms can vary and don’t always respond well to traditional over-the-counter medicines. Hyland’s is a great option for an alternative approach

Monroe Trout

How Monroe Trout Finds the Edge in Trading

People acquainted in the business of trading know who Monroe Trout is. A highly successful hedge fund manager, Trout has made a name for himself as an expert when it comes to recognizing patterns in statistics and quantitative analysis. These abilities contributed to his success in trading options, stocks, index funds, commodities, and managing his

Agera Energy Talks Connection to Success

When customers sign up with Agera Energy, they partner with a trusted energy supplier who has the resources to make informed energy decisions. Agera has been successful at establishing long term relationships with satisfied customers. Below are just some of the reasons and testimonials why customers have chosen Agera as their energy supplier. Ed Reynolds,