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Geisha Williams: A Very Accomplished CEO Breaks Through The Glass Ceiling

Today, despite many advances in the treatment of women in the workplace, highly compensated female CEOs still remain something of a rarity in the business world. The biography of Geisha Williams should inspire ambitious young women seeking to compete with male peers. She has insisted upon receiving equal treatment (and compensation) for her services as

Meet Isabel dos Santos: Angola’s Most Prominent Businesswoman

Isabel dos Santos is the daughter of the former President of Angola, José Eduardo dos Santos. Her multinational heritage, education and personal drive have helped pave the way for her success in becoming the richest women billionaire on the African continent. As of June 28th, her net worth is calculated to be $2.3 Billion USD.

Dabie Tsai Sets Example for Women in the Work Place

Dabie Tsai Exemplifies and Encourages Power of Women in the Workplace

It’s no secret that women have been underrepresented in most sectors of the workplace for as long as the modern office environment has existed. Though women make up half the population and are responsible for some of history’s most innovative ideas, workplace equality has long been a goal unrealized. Thankfully, more than ever, that is

Ivanka Trump Begins Campaign To Help Women In Business

Ivanka Trump recently announced that she is spearheading an initiative called The Women Entrepreneur Finance Initiative. This is an organization that will put billions of dollars into small to medium-size businesses in developing countries. Women who live in developed countries often struggle to get the funding that they need. Anta Babacar is one of the