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American Addiction Centers - Law enforcement

American Addiction Centers’ Message to Law Enforcement: Don’t Suffer in Silence

Elizabeth “Liz” Barton is a national administrator for first responder services for American Addiction Centers. For Barton, the topic of mental health advocacy for law enforcement is a personal one. In 2012, her grandfather, a police officer, died by suicide. As the daughter of a police officer and the wife of a firefighter, she has

American Addiction Centers - Dangers of Alcohol

American Addiction Centers Wants You to Know the Dangers of Alcohol Consumption

The truth of the matter is, no matter what kind of alcohol you consume, can be poisonous and has the potential to cause serious health problems. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), an alarming 3 million people die due to alcohol consumption each year. That is 5.3% of all deaths worldwide. Additionally, the U.S.

American Addiction Centers - cost of treatment

American Addiction Centers Breaks Down the Cost of Addiction Treatment

American Addiction Centers (AAC) understands that addiction is a devastating disease. Whether it’s an addiction to alcohol, drugs, or both, the road to recovery can seem long and difficult. The rate of addiction in the U.S. is an ongoing concern with: 5 million people age 12 and older with alcohol use disorder (AUD) 5 million